Family Channel Announces Degrassi: Next Class Premiere Date, New Teen Timeslot F2N, First 5 Minutes of Episode 1

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m still trying to catch my breath after today’s round of Degrassi: Next Class announcements!

It all started this morning when cast members Sara Waisglass, Ricardo Hoyos, and Stefan Brogren appeared on Toronto’s Breakfast Television to promote Degrassi’s upcoming season. It ended with a slew of new trailers, sneak peeks, opening credits, interviews and more!

In case you were at work or school and missed out on all the fun, here is an overview of everything Degrassi that was released today. Prepare yourselves because it’s all so unbelievably exciting that you may not be able to concentrate on anything other than Degrassi after this.

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Nowhere To Run Trailer & New Pictures

Degrassi’s one hour special Nowhere to Run is set to premiere on Much Music this Monday. Finally, TeenNick has announced that they will air the special episodes on November 18th – almost a full month after it airs in Canada. With spoilers almost impossible to avoid on Twitter, Tumblr, etc., waiting until November 18th may not be the best idea. We all know that a download will inevitably appear on Monday night.

For those of you who can’t wait until then, Much Music has released preview pictures from Nowhere to Run. Featuring new images of Alli, Marisol, Jake, Katie, and other characters – the episode looks like it will be full of relationship drama. View all the new pictures right here.

Additionally, TeenNick’s trailer for the episodes was released by E! earlier today. The trailer is approximately 1 minute in length and includes a ton of new scenes. Click here to watch it online!

Much Music Releases “Nowhere to Run” Details

Degrassi’s fall special Nowhere to Run is set to premiere on Much Music next week (October 24th at 9pm)! Earlier this week, Much Music’s official blog included a few new details about the episode.

Nowhere to Run is a two-part episode which features a cottage, a love triangle, “and there is a betrayal that you never saw coming.” The episode takes place over the summer break. The episode summary says: “Getting away to Jake’s remote cabin for an end of summer bash sounds fantastic but when strange things start happening, paranoia and suspicions surface and the gang has anything but a good time.

Following the two episodes of Degrassi, Much Music will be airing a half hour behind the scenes special! Titled My Time At Degrassi, the special features Much Music host Lauren Toyota as she visits the iconic Degrassi set. Click here to watch some sneak peeks! is saying that the two episodes and the half hour special will be live streamed on their website. However, it is unclear whether this will be geoblocked for those outside of Canada. With a live stream, it’s hard to say. TeenNick has yet to announce its airdate for the episodes yet, so it will likely premiere on Much Music first.

Degrassi Goes Worldwide With MTV International

Some exciting news for international fans of Degrassi today – Echo Bridge Entertainment has secured a multi-territory licensing agreement with MTV International for Seasons 8 & 9 of Degrassi.

This means that S8/9 will soon be airing in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Scandinavia, the UK, Brazil, Germany, Benelux, Australia, and New Zealand all through MTV!! It is expected to air starting October 23rd.

Senior VP of programming and content for MTV International (David Booth) says: “Degrassi’s authentic depiction of the universal teen experience, told from a teen point of view, will really resonate with our audiences around the world and complement MTV’s youth driven programming lineup.


Degrassi Special Premiering on Much Music This Fall

Much Music posted their fall press release yesterday. While it doesn’t contain information about new Degrassi episodes this fall, it does mention a Degrassi special scheduled to air in October.

This likely means that Degrassi wont return again until 2012. Filming is currently on hiatus until October, and Much Music would’ve definitely announced new episodes in this press release if that was the case.

The Degrassi special is briefly mentioned towards the end of the press release:

DEGRASSI **All-New Special**Premieres October (TBA)
School may not be out in October, but the kids of DEGRASSI are in for a treat… or a trick with this one-hour gripping special.

Based on this description (“a treat… or a trick,” a “gripping” special), I would guess that this is another Degrassi Halloween special. No specific airdate has been announced yet, and there is no word on whether or not TeenNick will air it as well. Although, I think we can all assume that they will. I’ll keep you posted!

Season 11 to Premiere July 18th: Much Music

Much Music needs to link their blog entries on the Degrassi page, because this was posted 3 days ago and I hadn’t even seen it yet!

According to Much Music, we now have a date for when season 11 will premiere: July 18th!! Start planning now everyone, because I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of premiere/meet and greet event around that time as well. Also, with 7 weeks of episodes, that means that we will likely see new episodes until Sept. 1st. Here is what Much Music had to say:

Do I even need to say anymore? Hell yeah I do! Not only is another season heading into production, but it’s returning this summer! And once again, Degrassi will air on Monday, and on Tuesday, and on – hell, all the days up to Thursday! Four nights a week…for SEVEN WEEKS LONG! And we can even tell you when it’s coming back: July 18th! Mark that date on your calendar from now!

No confirmation from TeenNick yet, but I think we can assume that the two networks will premiere new episodes at the same time as usual.

Read the full Much blog entry right here!

Degrassi Returns Friday February 11th

We have an official date!! Executive producer Stephen Stohn announced on Twitter moments ago that Degrassi will return Friday, February 11th with episode 1033/1034 “When Love Takes Over Part 1 & 2.” A Valentines Day themed episode perhaps? Mark your calendars!

TeenNick’s Altered Schedule

Kyle over at Cable TV Talk has some news that TeenNick will now be premiering Degrassi Takes Manhattan on July 19th as opposed to July 16th as originally planned. Then, for the first week of season 10 (“The Boiling Point”), TeenNick will be airing the episodes Tuesday – Friday as opposed to Monday – Thursday. This means that TeenNick will be 1 day behind Much Music for the first week. However, by the 2nd week, TeenNick will be going back to the regular Monday – Thursday format and the two networks will be in sync.

Thoughts on this? It’s only 1 day behind Much Music, but it wont be as fun watching the premiere at separate times.

Last Half of Season 9 on Much Music

Schedules are up, and it looks like the last half of season 9 will continue on Much Music starting next week. Much is set to begin airing Degrassi again on Monday May 10th at 9pm ET. Of course, the question still was whether or not CTV would premiere the episode on Sunday May 9th, the way that they have in the past. A quick look at CTV’s schedule shows that Degrassi is not scheduled to air that week. Instead, CTV is airing Human Target in Degrassi’s old Sunday at 7 timeslot.

So it definitely looks like Degrassi will be airing exclusively on Much Music from now on. This is not only for season 10, but for the last unaired episodes of season 9 as well.

Next Week on TeenNick

Next Friday TeenNick will premiere “Innocent When You Dream.” This episode has not aired in Canada so it is the first time we will be seeing it. Can’t wait!