Degrassi Returning to Canada Next Month?

According to Cable TV Talk, new episodes of Degrassi will be resuming in Canada next month. Episode 915 (“Why Can’t This Be Love”) is scheduled to air Monday, May 10th at 9pm on Much Music. As of right now, CTV’s schedule only goes until May 8th, so it’s unclear as to whether CTV will also be airing new episodes. But I’ll keep you posted! It will be nice to have Degrassi back for the Canadians.

Episode Summaries

Here are the latest episode summaries from TeenNick, heading towards the end of season 9.

May 7th:
“Innocent When You Dream”
Clare’s having sexy vampire dreams about Declan, but can she find an outlet for her raging crush?

May 14th:
“In Your Eyes”
Riley has been hiding his feelings for a long time, but will a cute new friend tempt him to try dating?

May 21st:
“Keep On Loving You”
Holly J and Declan are going strong, but when he can’t say the L word, she takes it personally.

Next Week on TeenNick

Next Friday TeenNick will be airing “Heart Like Mine” – the big KC storyline this year. This episode aired on CTV last year, but if you haven’t already seen it you’re definitely going to want to tune in. It’s one of the best episodes this season so far.

Degrassi Returns This Friday!!

Is everyone as excited for Friday as I am? It seems like forever since we last got a new episode! But this Friday TeenNick will premiere “Broken Promises.” This 1 hour special is actually episodes 915/916 “Why Can’t This Be Love Part 1&2″ combined. Can’t wait!

New Episodes on TeenNick

Finally the news we’ve been waiting to hear! We now know that Degrassi will return to TeenNick on:

April 2nd

No word yet on when Degrassi will be returning to CTV.
EDIT: You can now check out the promo in The Click (if you are American).
EDIT 2: You can also view it on Youtube now thanks to ACES

Scheduling Update

Skins is returning this week, Lost is returning next, but the question we all want to know is when will Degrassi be back???

As you all know, TeenNick will be airing “Waiting for a Girl Like You” and “Somebody” back-to-back on Friday Feb. 5th in a special called Love Games (Lady GaGa anyone?). But when will Degrassi be returning to CTV? And will TeenNick continue to air new episodes later next month?

According to TeenNick’s schedule, as of right now these are the only 2 new episodes to air in the month of February. On the CTV side of things, it doesn’t look like new episodes will start back up until at least the conclusion of the Winter Olympics. That is all we know about season 9 at this point.

However, Stefan has been tweeting some interesting information about season 10 lately. A while ago he said that season 10 will begin airing in the summer. We know already that shooting is set to begin this March. More recently he said: “For season 10 both networks are really gonna try keeping new Degrassi’s same day – same date!” So will both CTV and TeenNick be premiering season 10 in the summer? We will have to wait and see. There is also the New York Degrassi movie that has yet to air. Whatever the case, I’ll keep you posted!

TeenNick “Love Games” Promo

The lovely people at ACESonline have TeenNick’s new Degrassi promo up on youtube. For those who are wondering, this “Love Games” special is the episodes “Waiting for a Girl Like You” and “Somebody” put together. It will most likely air Valentines Day weekend just like “Lost in Love” last year.

Ring In the New Year Degrassi Style

What are you doing tomorrow? Watching TeenNick’s Degrassi marathon?

Don’t forget that tomorrow at 1pm, TeenNick will begin airing every episode of Degrassi ever. It’s going to take a full 10 days to get through all of them. There’s nothing better than lying on the couch watching some classic season 1 TNG!

What a great way to start 2010! Remember: new episodes of Degrassi will most likely return in Feb. on both CTV and TeenNick. We can’t wait to find out what is to come for Degrassi this year!
Happy New Year Degrassi Fans! ♥

Christmas + Degrassi Goes Hollywood

This holiday season, CTV is re-airing Degrassi Goes Hollywood in primetime! Spend Christmas with Manny, Paige, and the rest of the gang as they hang out in sunny California while all of you Canadians freeze in crazy snowstorms. Perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, don’t you think? Degrassi Goes Hollywood will air on Monday, Dec. 21st at 8pm on CTV. Let’s all hope that CTV airs a new promo for the new episodes of season 9 set to air next year. I’ll be on the lookout!

No New Episodes Until 2010?

It appears that the next new episode of Degrassi will not air until the new year.

Degrassi is not on CTV or Much Music’s schedules in the upcoming weeks. Instead, CTV will air reruns of Corner Gas in Degrassi’s timeslot and Much Music will air The Secret Life of the American Teenager AKA Degrassi Ver. 2.0. We can only assume that this means CTV is taking a break from Degrassi and will resume new episodes next year.

TeenNick will also begin airing the next half of season 9 in 2010. Check out this promo for the future episodes!