New Year, New Look, New Degrassi! Everything you need to know about Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix in 2016

Degrassi is back with a new network, new look, new cast and new drama!

Degrassians got a thrilling wake up call this morning when Netflix released the first trailer for Degrassi: Next Class. The trailer, which is approximately 1 minute in length, includes a ton of exciting new clips from the upcoming season. Netflix has geo-blocked the trailer, but Canadians can watch it on ET Canada’s Blog.

But it’s not all about the trailer. In addition to the trailer, new details on Degrassi: Next Class have been revealed. Here is a brief summary of everything that was announced today:

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Etalk: Meet the New Kids at Degrassi

Last night Etalk aired this segment on the new cast members in season 12 of Degrassi. I managed to get it up on YouTube for those of you who were unable to watch it. The clip features interviews with Sarah Fisher, Craig Arnold, Demetrius Joyette, and Dylan Everett.

Season 12 News: Read Through, New Cast Members

As the last episodes of season 11 are airing on television, production for season 12 has just gotten underway. Today the cast had their first read through of the year. Thanks to Stephen Stohn, we have some new information about what we can expect next season.

Stephen tweeted a few pictures from the read through today, including the image above. He also tweeted the names of the first 4 episodes, which are as follows: Come As You Are Part 1 & 2 and Walking On Broken Glass Part 1 & 2.

But perhaps the most exciting info we got today was what appears to be the names of 3 new cast members. Stephen tweeted “welcome to Degrassi” to @dylanevz (Dylan Everett), @sarahfisher28 (Sarah Fisher), and @slsjoyette (Demetrius Joyette). It’s always great to see a new face. Welcome to the Degrassi family!

Lyle O’Donohoe Joins the Cast of Degrassi

A new article in Collingwood, Ontario’s local paper The Enterprise-Bulletin introduces us to one of the new cast members we will see in the second half of season 11.

Lyle O’Donohoe is joining the cast of Degrassi as a new grade 9 character named Tristan. The article describes Tristan as “loud, in your face and he doesn’t care if you find him annoying … Like many Degrassi divas before him, Tristan wants to direct the musical, plan the dances, and be at the top of the Power Squad pyramid.”

The character is apparently Owen Milligan’s younger brother. Given the fact that Owen is known as a homophobic bully type of character on Degrassi, it sounds like Tristan will be an interesting character.

According to Lyle himself, “Tristan is someone who is very confident within himself … I think he is going to be joining a lot of school clubs, stuff like that. I think his confidence may come off as a bit snobby sometimes.”

A self proclaimed fan of Lady Gaga, Andy Warhol, and Marilyn Monroe, Lyle’s personality shines through even in this short interview. The 16-year-old has apparently been watching Degrassi for a very long time. “Degrassi is a show I have dreamed of being on ever since I started acting,” said O’Donohoe. “I became obsessed with the show, I loved it so much and I thought it would be really cool to be on the show, but at the time I was only 10 … It was worth the wait.”

Welcome to the Degrassi family Lyle! Click here to read the complete article.

Alex Steele Returns to Degrassi

The rumours are true! Cassie Steele’s sister Alex Steele, who played Angela Jeremiah in early seasons of Degrassi: TNG is returning to Degrassi in season 11. However, she will be playing a new character named Tori.

For years, Degrassi fans have been discussing the idea of Alex returning to Degrassi (she is now 16 years old). But most people assumed that she would reprise her role as Joey Jeremiah’s daughter. A major problem, of course, was the fact that Pat Mastroianni was unlikely to return to the show. Now that Alex will be playing a new character, that problem has been avoided.

Tori’s parents have indulged her every whim with a stream of dance lessons, kid modeling jobs, and beauty pageants. Having never heard ‘no’ … Tori enters grade nine believing she’s the best at everything, according to Entertainment Weekly.

What do you think about Alex`s return to Degrassi? Are you disappointed she wont be playing Angie?

Welcome to Degrassi // Chloe Rose Joins Twitter

A big Degrassi welcome to Chloe Rose, one of the new cast members in season 11! Chloe joined Twitter last night (thanks Smearle), so make sure you follow her (@ChloeRose4)!! Chloe will be playing the role of Katie, Marisol’s best friend. So far we know that Chloe is the same age as Katie (grade 11), and she used to watch Degrassi back in the Emma/Manny days. Tweet her, and welcome her to Degrassi! Can’t wait to see her on the show.

Season 11 Confirmed: 44 Episodes + New Cast Announced

Stephen Stohn announced new season 11 details via Twitter this afternoon! We are expecting a press release sometime tomorrow with more information. In the meantime, Stephen tweeted the following:

Yes, Degrassi Season 11 is confirmed, there’ll be 44 episodes (one of which is an hour-long, so 45 half-hours in total)… Cristine Prosperi, Justin Kelly and Chloe Rose join the cast as Imogen Moreno, Jake Martin and Katie Matlin … And the summer will have daily Degrassis like last summer.. with one twist you’ll like, which I’ll let MuchMusic announce!

It’s no surprise that Degrassi will produce 44 episodes once again this season. I’m guessing that the hour-long episode is either the premiere or the finale, which will be aired in a movie-esque way (see TeenNick’s promotion of Season 7′s “Bust a Move” as the “Degrassi Spring Break Movie”). Daily Degrassi’s this summer was also to be expected, given Degrassi’s success in the summer of 2010. What is this “twist” Stephen speaks of? I’m guessing that Much Music will be announcing it soon!

As for the new cast, it looks like they haven’t announced who will be playing Mo/Dennis yet. However, a quick google search of the others revealed the following information:
Cristine Prosperi as Imogen Moreno: Not much can be found about Cristine at this point. Apparently she may have appeared in the film Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming in 2007? This is unconfirmed. On Degrassi, Cristine will play Imogen, a fun, energetic girl who goes to great lengths to stand out in the crowd.
Justin Kelly as Jake Martin: Justin is already known by many Degrassi fans who follow him on Twitter (@IsJustKelly). Born in 1992, Justin played Noah Jackson on The Latest Buzz and Brody Thompson in The Jensen Project. On Degrassi, Justin will play Jake, the new heartthrob and Clare’s rumoured love interest.
Chloe Rose as Katie Matlin: Chloe must be a new actress, because my google search has drawn a blank. On Degrassi she will be playing Katie, Marisol’s BFF and a talented soccer player.

Keep checking for all the latest season 10 news. I am going to be away tomorrow night, but I will post updates as soon as I can. We should be getting a press release soon, so stay tuned for that!

Season 11 News: Name Changes, Jake/Clare Storyline?

I don’t know where The TV Addict keeps getting this information, but they have revealed more season 11 spoilers this week!

You may remember hearing about a new character named Noah last month. Earlier this week, Stephen Stohn confirmed on Twitter that Noah’s name was now “Jake.” I guess that the boy who has been cast to play Noah preferred Jake instead.

Now we have more “Jake” spoilers via The TV Addict. Apparently, his storyline might involve Clare. This is what the TV Addict recently said (they are still calling him “Noah”):

Please tell me Fitz isn’t going to continue to come between Clare and Eli on DEGRASSI? – Jessica
The TV Addict: Honestly, at this point we’re far less concerned about born-again Fitz coming between Clare and Eli than we are about Noah Bradley, the school’s newest heartthrob who be joining the show next season. Turns out, Noah has a childhood connection to Clare, worst still, it’s a “friendship” that Noah’s meddlesome parents seem very keen on having them rekindle. Double Gulp!


More Season 11 Casting News; Riley Spoilers

As many of you know, season 11 is getting underway at Degrassi HQ. The cast was back this week for read-throughs and an orientation with the new cast. And from what we’ve heard, filming is expected to begin next Monday (March 14th).

We haven’t received much in terms of season 11 spoilers yet. However, last month leaked 4 new character descriptions. Tonight, they revealed more season 11 casting news in their “Ask The Addict” column. New information suggests that Riley’s coming out storyline is far from over, with lots more family drama to come. It looks like we will be meeting Riley’s father next season, along with a new girl currently named “Athena.” Here’s what The TV Addict had to say:

The show currently on the look out to cast a disapproving father who isn’t on board with his son’s sexual orientation is… drumroll please… DEGRASSI. Got that Riley and Zane fans? You’re in for a bumpy ride. Particularly when you also take into account a casting notice that has gone out for “Athena,” a hot and athletic 17 year old who will soon be playing the part of Riley’s “beard.”

Interesting. Read the full column right here!

Season 11 Casting News!

We’ve got some big news from this afternoon! The website is reporting that casting notices for season 11 were recently sent out at the beginning of the month. This is done in order to start the process of adding new characters to the show. I guess these notices were leaked somehow, because it looks as though we can expect to see 4 new characters in season 11. even posted descriptions and names for each character:

Name: Imogen Berish
Gender: Female
Age: 16 yrs

Fun, energetic, with a magnetic look and intense stare–Imogen would hate for anyone to think she’s boring, so she goes to great lengths to stand out from the crowd: bandaging her unwounded wrists, or even posing as a homeless kid to beg for change. She puts on the airs of being en enlightened individual, but it’s a ploy to manipulate those around her. She worries one day someone will discover her secret: she’s a normal kid looking for excitement in her life.

Name: Katie Matlin
Gender: Female
Age: 16 yrs

Katie works hard and plays hard. A gifted athlete, she’s been training to make the National Under 17 Woman’s Soccer Team. She’s pretty, but fresh-faced, her years of mastering the bicycle kick keeping her from learning how to cake on the make-up. She’s driven and thorough when it comes to academics and extracurriculars; she’s blunt and direct when talking to other girls, even fun-loving BFF Marisol; but when it comes to talking to boys or about matters of the heart, she clams up. The soccer field prepared her for a lot of things, but not love.

Dennis MacDonnell
Gender: Male
Age: 17 yrs

Dennis MacDonnell is an overweight grade 12 student. He’s self-aware, cynical, quick-witted and smart. Dennis has always struggled with his weight, and as a consequence, has taken a social backseat for most of high school. In his graduating year, Dennis is ready to put himself out there and have a great time before leaving Degrassi for good. Dennis’ keen ear and passion for music will bring him into a unique friendship with Sav and closer to his hidden crush: Alli.

Noah Bradley
Gender: Male
Age: 16 yrs

A man of few words, Degrassi’s new heartthrob is good with his hands and quick with a grin. Noah spends most of his free time at the cottage. After his mom died, he and his dad renovated their lake cabin in her honour. All of Noah’s shirtless hard work eventually paid off…especially when girls started admiring his boyish good looks and strong physique. Let’s just say Noah’s made out with his share of bikini clad Muskoka girls. But he never let them get in the way of the stuff he truly loves: watching sports, hanging with friends, fishing, and camping. He’s a guy’s guy who doesn’t play games and means what he says – all with a good dose of humour and charm.

Interesting that the ages seem to imply that these characters aren’t in grade 9…
I think we should take this information with a grain of salt, because characters can change overtime. It depends on who casting finds and what direction the writers decide to go in. Still, I see a lot of potential from these character descriptions so far! What do you guys think?