Forum Update

A few updates to tell you guys about.

First of all, the forum finally has a proper layout. I hope you guys like it! I’m really happy to see how many people are visiting the forum already and hopefully this new look will encourage even more people to join. Click here to check out the forum!

Secondly, the forum is causing me a few problems however. It seems that when too many people are connected to the forum I get this error: “Too many connections [1040]” And for a short amount of time nobody is able to access the forum or even the main site. I have contacted my host about this problem and I am looking into it. But if you guys find that you can’t get to this site, the forum, or the gallery – try again in about a half hour or so. It usually fixes itself eventually. Thanks for being patient! Hopefully this will be sorted out soon. Forum Now Open!

Lately I’ve been hearing about some interest in a forum for discussing all things Degrassi. Well now it’s finally here! You guys can check it out at This forum is still in its early stages – a new layout & more content will appear in the coming weeks. But right now you guys can register and start using it if you’d like. Feel free to leave comments for any suggestions you may have, and post about whatever! More updates are coming soon.

Twitters, Mobile Apps, and Visiting the Set!

Straight from Epitome to my email inbox, first of all I can tell you guys that a Degrassi mobile app is now in development! I don’t know all of the details yet but they did tell me that it is both “informative and fun”!! Exciting!!!

Secondly, a few more character twitters have been created including the one and only Zane!! Here is the updated list of all 21 twitters:
Adam – @FunAdam
Alli – @heartAlli
Anya – @AnyaMacP
Bianca – @BeeDeSousa
Chantay – @ChantayBlack
Clare – @TrueClare
Connor – @ConnorDeLaurier
Dave – @DavesDegrassi
Declan – @CoyneDeclan
Drew – @DrewTheOne
Eli – @RealEli
Fiona – @fificoyne
Fitz – @Fitz4Life
Holly J – @thehollyj
Jenna – @songbirdJM
KC – @KCdegrassi
Owen – @OwenMill
Riley – @QBriley
Sav – @rockstarsav
Wesley – @WesleyBetenkamp
Zane – @TheZanePark
Are you guys enjoying the character twitters this season? They have been a lot of fun, haven’t they?

And last but certainly not least, I can now tell you guys that I will be visiting the Degrassi set THIS MONDAY!! As most of you already know, this is my prized for winning the Ultimate Fan Contest! Kiley & I will be traveling to Toronto to meet the cast & crew! I am so unbelievably excited just to visit Degrassi itself!! Of course I will be sharing everything I can with you guys so stay tuned for that. And once again I want to give a big thank you to everyone who voted for me last month!! This really means soo much!

New Layout!

As you can see has a brand new layout for your viewing pleasure! It was made by the one and only Doesn’t it look great?? I thought it would be perfect to try something new for season 10. This one is a lot brighter and more upbeat! Let me know what you think.

In other site news, the youtube account got suspended this morning. It was completely without warning – no email or anything. It’s very annoying especially since I’m very busy today getting ready for the premiere. And unlike ACES I’ve never been suspended before. Alas, our new youtube account can be found at So please subscribe & watch that account from now on – it’s where I’ll be posting all the new videos.

Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter tomorrow. I will be tweeting from the premiere screening at Much Music. The entire cast will be there, and hopefully I will get the chance to talk to some of them. So if you have anything specific you want me to ask send me an @reply!

Fan Blog Application Results

Thank you all so much for your fan blog applications!

I had such a difficult time trying to make a decision. I am so surprised at how many I received. I thought I might get 1 or 2. Instead my inbox is full! I loved reading all of your applications. We are all so passionate about Degrassi, especially it’s messages and concept. It’s great to see!

Despite the difficulty, I managed to come up with a top 4. The following people have been automatically accepted:

To to rest of you: we just have to wait and see how much space I have left! :) I sent an email to everyone who applied – let me know if you didn’t get yours.

Since this site is called, I think that it needs to be more about the fans themselves. We already have CTV and TeenNick’s official websites where we can watch episodes and find information. This is our little space on the net. Hopefully these blogs will be a fun place where we can talk about everything and anything Degrassi!

Last Day for Blog Applications

Just a reminder that today is the deadline for fan blog applications. We’ve received a lot of great applications so far, it’s going to be really tough to make a decision! If you still want to apply, you can do so by the end of the day today. I will be making a decision tomorrow, and will email all those who applied.

Information about the Degrassi fan blogs and how to apply can be found right here!

Start Your Own Degrassi Blog

Since I have lots of webspace still available, I decided to give you the opportunity to start your own Degrassi fan blog and have it connected to Bloggers will be expected to write about anything related to Degrassi (episode reviews, ideas for season 10, cast news, character opinions, etc.) If you’ve always wanted to blog about Degrassi this is your big chance!

Successful applicants will receive the following:
-Webspace to host your blog
-Complementary WordPress installation (your blog must use WordPress)
-Some assistance in creating a basic WordPress theme (if you require it)
-The opportunity to share your opinions on Degrassi and be a part of the network!

If you’re interested, click here for more information on how to apply!

Music from Season 9

Finally, I updated the media section of with a music guide for season 9. It includes myspace, youtube, and other misc. links to songs featured on Degrassi in season 9. Looking for the song playing during the club scenes in “Start Me Up” or the montage scene in “Heart Like Mine”? Look no further! Click here to check out the season 9 music guide. You can also find a guide to music from season 8 right here! Now on Facebook!

Yes, it’s finally true. Everybody get excited! is now officially on Facebook!! Check out our page right here and become a fan! All of the latest and greatest Degrassi news will be posted there in addition to our Twitter making it even easier to keep up with the Degrassi fandom.

As I’m typing this we already have 8 fans and I haven’t even posted the link yet!!!! I’m so impressed. Thank you guys so much!!

New Layout, New

If you’re reading this you’ve probably figured out that has a brand new layout!!! It was designed by I have to say that if you ever need a fansite layout, you should definitely check them out. So helpful, easy, and the result looks great, don’t you think? A big thank you!

In addition to a new look, will be undergoing a number of other changes in the coming weeks as we head into the new year. Here are a few new features you can expect to see:
+More screencaps from previous Degrassi seasons
+Interviews with fans, crew, cast, etc. Basically anyone who makes our Degrassi fandom so great!
+Redesigned Twitter and Youtube pages, plus a brand new Facebook page!
+A Degrassi web directory (links to the cast on twitter, fansites, official sites, etc.)
+An opportunity for your Degrassi fan blog to be connected to!
+Plus so much more!

I hope everybody loves the new and improved! I do this because I love supporting Degrassi and bringing the fans together. In 2010, Degrassi will mark its 30th anniversary on Canadian TV! I think I can speak for all Degrassi fans when I say how proud I am of this amazing accomplishment.
Stay tuned for more updates and let me know what you think!

♥ Erin