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Also check out official Tumblrs from Degrassi & its cast members:
Annie Clark
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Follow the Official Degrassi Tumblr!!

The Degrassi Tumblr Community is growing everyday, as the popular blogging website has become a new way for Degrassi fans to share their love for the show. Now Degrassi itself has its very own official tumblr!! Located at, the Degrassi tumblr shares exclusive pictures and even reblogs some of the amazing graphics made by fans. Make sure you check it out, and follow it if you’re on tumblr!

Speaking of Degrassi things to follow, there are also character twitters for the new students at Degrassi this season. If you haven’t found them yourself already, here they are:

@MoMashkour (to be launched later this season)

Special thanks to Epitome for sharing this information with us!!