Screencaps: Doll Parts Part 1

Check out the screencaps from the 300th episode of Degrassi – Doll Parts Part 1 – in our gallery!

Screencaps: Building a Mystery Part 2

Check out the screencaps from last Friday’s brand new episode – Building a Mystery Part 2 – in our gallery!

Screencaps: Building a Mystery Part 1

Degrassi is back, and we couldn’t be more excited! Check out the screencaps from last Friday’s brand new episode – Building a Mystery Part 1 – in our gallery!

Chloe Rose at the Toronto International Film Festival

Congratulations to current Degrassi cast member Chloe Rose!

Today Chloe’s new film The Lesser Blessed premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film, which is based on the critically acclaimed novel, follows a teenager living in a remote area of the Northwest Territories grappling with the challenges of growing up. Chloe plays the popular girl – Juliet Hope – who the main character has a crush on.

Chloe attended the premiere, and looked stunning in this regal black halter dress. She also attended the Guess Portrait Studio, and took some gorgeous pictures while there. Check out a complete album of Chloe at TIFF in our gallery!

Some of you may have also noticed that former Degrassi star Nina Dobrev has been making the rounds at TIFF this week for the premiere of her new film The Perks of Being a Wallflower. ‘Perks’ will be in theatres later this month!

Pictures: Degrassi in Ghana

Once again, Jessica Tyler proves herself to be one of our favourite Degrassians by posting an album of pictures from Degrassi’s recent trip to Ghana on her Facebook page!

The album includes pictures of the cast at the airport, on the beach in Ghana, and even in Amsterdam presumably traveling to/from Ghana. She got some great pictures!

Remember that We Day is less than a month away now (!!). I’m sure we will hear even more about the Ghana trip as we get closer to the event. For more information (and also pictures from the Degrassi Ghana trip), check out the Me to We Facebook Page!

Screencaps: Sabotage & Scream

It is hard to believe that another Degrassi summer season has come and gone. The last 4 episodes last week had a lot of people talking. From Clare’s sexual harassment storyline to the Romeo & Jules play, there was a lot of drama as usual!

Check out the screencaps from finale week, which are now available in our gallery. You can view images from Sabotage Part 1 & 2 and Scream Part 1 & 2.

New episodes of Degrassi return October 12th on Much Music and TeenNick!

Screencaps: Rusty Cage & Never Ever

It was an emotional week in the Degrassi fandom, with KC leaving the show, Cam dealing with the hockey team, and Imogen finding out that her father has a form of dementia.

Check out this week’s greatest moments in our gallery. Screencaps for both Rusty Cage and Never Ever are now available!

Screencaps: Closer to Free & Waterfalls

What a week! Workplace harassment, victim blaming, religion, romance… last week’s episodes touched on a lot of major issues that extend far beyond high school!

Relive the episodes by checking out the screencaps from Closer to Free and Waterfalls in our gallery! PS Sorry it took me so long to post this week /longweekendproblems.

Screencaps: Got Your Money & Say It Ain’t So

Screencaps for the second week of season 12 have now been uploading to the Degrassi Online Gallery. Check out images from Got Your Money Part 1 & 2 and Say It Ain’t So Part 1 & 2.

Screencaps: Come As You Are & Walking on Broken Glass

I have uploaded 400+ screencaps from week 1 of the Degrassi summer season to the gallery! Check out images from Come As You Are (episodes 1 & 2) and Walking on Broken Glass (episodes 3 & 4).