Landon Liboiron Joins Hemlock Grove and Twitter

Netflix still finds a home for Landon Liboiron despite passing on the pick up of his recent series Terra Nova. Landon has been cast as Peter in the new series Hemlock Grove which will air on Netflix in early 2013. The Hollywood Reporter has released this bit of information on the show’s premise and Landon’s character:

The 13-episode horror show from director/executive producer Eli Roth is set in a ravaged Pennsylvania steel town and begins with the discovery of a young girl’s body. As the crime goes unsolved and outlandish rumors mount, Roman (Bill Skarsgard) and Peter (Liboiron) decide to find the killer on their own, confronting unspeakable truths about themselves and Hemlock Grove as the mystery unfolds.

Terra Nova has not been completely abandon by 20th Century Fox according to reports but Landon, on his newly acquired twitter account, confirmed the out look isn’t good.

Landon has also created a new YouTube channel after his last one was accidentally deleted and loaded his music to Pure Volume.

Degrassi Cast Live Tweeting

The Degrassi Cast will be hosting a live tweeting session from Much Music each night this week from 8:30 EST until 9:45 EST.  At least three cast members will be on during that time and will be interacting with fans. There are some special rules for this, the cast will only be responding to properly tagged tweets so make sure you include their name hashtagged for a chance at a response. They will not be responding to @ replies at during those times. Read more here.

Monday August 29th

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Tuesday August 30th

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Wednesday August 31st

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Thursday September 1st

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Follow the Official Degrassi Tumblr!!

The Degrassi Tumblr Community is growing everyday, as the popular blogging website has become a new way for Degrassi fans to share their love for the show. Now Degrassi itself has its very own official tumblr!! Located at, the Degrassi tumblr shares exclusive pictures and even reblogs some of the amazing graphics made by fans. Make sure you check it out, and follow it if you’re on tumblr!

Speaking of Degrassi things to follow, there are also character twitters for the new students at Degrassi this season. If you haven’t found them yourself already, here they are:

@MoMashkour (to be launched later this season)

Special thanks to Epitome for sharing this information with us!!

Degrassi Picked Up For A 12th Season!

In case you were wondering if Degrassi was going to come to an end anytime soon… this should calm your fears. Stephen Stohn announced on Twitter today that Much Music has picked up Degrassi for a 12th season. This is remarkable, given the fact that season 11 hasn’t even premiered yet. Season 12 likely wont begin filming until the year 2012. As Stephen mentioned on Twitter, I dont think I can remember a time a show was picked up this far in advance. We. So. Excited!

Stephen Stohn Confirms Season 11 Episode Titles

There has been some confusion lately about the season 11 episode titles. Today @StephenStohn confirmed via Twitter titles for the first 21 episodes. They are as follows:

1103 – Love Game
1104 – What’s My Age Again
1105 – Idioteque
1106/07 – Cry Me a River
1108/09 – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
1110/11 – Paper Planes
1112/13 – Should’ve Said No
1114/15 – U Don’t Know
1116/17 – Lose Yourself
1118/19 – Mr. Brightside
1120/21 – Extraordinary Machine

As you can see, there are some familiar songs there. What do you think these storylines will be about?

Welcome to Degrassi // Chloe Rose Joins Twitter

A big Degrassi welcome to Chloe Rose, one of the new cast members in season 11! Chloe joined Twitter last night (thanks Smearle), so make sure you follow her (@ChloeRose4)!! Chloe will be playing the role of Katie, Marisol’s best friend. So far we know that Chloe is the same age as Katie (grade 11), and she used to watch Degrassi back in the Emma/Manny days. Tweet her, and welcome her to Degrassi! Can’t wait to see her on the show.

Season 11 Confirmed: 44 Episodes + New Cast Announced

Stephen Stohn announced new season 11 details via Twitter this afternoon! We are expecting a press release sometime tomorrow with more information. In the meantime, Stephen tweeted the following:

Yes, Degrassi Season 11 is confirmed, there’ll be 44 episodes (one of which is an hour-long, so 45 half-hours in total)… Cristine Prosperi, Justin Kelly and Chloe Rose join the cast as Imogen Moreno, Jake Martin and Katie Matlin … And the summer will have daily Degrassis like last summer.. with one twist you’ll like, which I’ll let MuchMusic announce!

It’s no surprise that Degrassi will produce 44 episodes once again this season. I’m guessing that the hour-long episode is either the premiere or the finale, which will be aired in a movie-esque way (see TeenNick’s promotion of Season 7′s “Bust a Move” as the “Degrassi Spring Break Movie”). Daily Degrassi’s this summer was also to be expected, given Degrassi’s success in the summer of 2010. What is this “twist” Stephen speaks of? I’m guessing that Much Music will be announcing it soon!

As for the new cast, it looks like they haven’t announced who will be playing Mo/Dennis yet. However, a quick google search of the others revealed the following information:
Cristine Prosperi as Imogen Moreno: Not much can be found about Cristine at this point. Apparently she may have appeared in the film Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming in 2007? This is unconfirmed. On Degrassi, Cristine will play Imogen, a fun, energetic girl who goes to great lengths to stand out in the crowd.
Justin Kelly as Jake Martin: Justin is already known by many Degrassi fans who follow him on Twitter (@IsJustKelly). Born in 1992, Justin played Noah Jackson on The Latest Buzz and Brody Thompson in The Jensen Project. On Degrassi, Justin will play Jake, the new heartthrob and Clare’s rumoured love interest.
Chloe Rose as Katie Matlin: Chloe must be a new actress, because my google search has drawn a blank. On Degrassi she will be playing Katie, Marisol’s BFF and a talented soccer player.

Keep checking for all the latest season 10 news. I am going to be away tomorrow night, but I will post updates as soon as I can. We should be getting a press release soon, so stay tuned for that!

Some “Very Dramatic” Degrassi Episodes

Stephen Stohn, you tease! The executive producer of Degrassi tweeted this spoiler-y picture of Eli & Julia today, while the finishing touches were put on what he called very “special” episodes. Stohn tweeted: “Just heading to a mixodwn of some “special” eps, very dramatic eps… very dramatic… Did I mention, dramatic?

He also mentioned that Alexz Johnson’s A Little Bit (reloaded) will be in the Degrassi season 10 finale.

Degrassians and The Shorty Awards

Further proof that Degrassians own Twitter, our own Munro Chambers is currently in 6th place for the Shorty Awards’Best Actor on Twitter” race. As I write this entry now on Jan. 17 at 1:17pm ET**, Munro just moved up from 7th place. He is currently not far behind Glee’s Chris Colfer. The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder is currently first.

The Shorty Awards are a unique way to honour the best people and organizations on Twitter. Nominations can be made through Twitter, and in February they will be narrowed down to 6 finalists in each category. Winners are determined by fans and experts.

Munro is not the only Degrassian who is doing well in the awards. Degrassi alumnus Nina Dobrev is currently 2nd for the “Best Actress on Twitter” category.

**NOTE: These are the standings as I’m currently writing this entry. They change frequently as more people submit nominations.

EDIT: Munro has moved up to 5th now.
EDIT #2 (Jan. 18th): Munro is now in 4th!!

Another Twitter Hint From Stephen Stohn

Stephen Stohn gave us another Twitter hint this afternoon!! About an hour ago he tweeted:
The next block of 12 Degrassi’s starting February 11 will have a name, like The Boiling Point did..
…only of course it’s not called The Boiling Point, nor is it The Breaking Point…

My guess is that we’ll be hearing what this name is in the near future (and hopefully a new promo?) Get on it TeenNick & Much Music!