Degrassi Season 12 Fall TeenNick Trailer

Much Music Fall Season Press Release!

Much Music released their press release today for the fall season. While the press release did contain some info we already knew about (e.g. Chaz Bono will be making an appearance), it also include some new spoilers as well.

We now know that Canadian rock band Hedley will be making a guest appearance AND Degrassi will be moving back to it’s 9 p.m. ET timeslot (instead of 10 p.m. in the summer).

Chaz Bono and Canada’s rock royalty Hedley are among the exciting guest appearances on DEGRASSI, when the iconic series returns Friday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET, exclusively on Much. The second half of Season 12 is jam-packed with dramatic storylines and challenging topics, tackling issues such as bullying, depression, and gender identity struggles. Full episodes of DEGRASSI are available on, following the broadcast premiere.

When fans last saw the students of DEGRASSI, Eli’s school play, Romeo and Jules, had a successful opening night, and Clare made a decision to get even with Asher by going to the police. When DEGRASSI kicks off the second half of this season with “Building a Mystery” (Part 1), Becky begins to fall for Adam and worries about how her conservative parents will react. Meanwhile, Bianca urges Drew to reconnect with his mom. At a loss for film ideas, Eli is desperate for creative inspiration.

The mid-season finale of Season 12 in August was the #1 specialty program in its timeslot in its key demographic of viewers 12-17, as well as the #1 non-sports specialty program, with viewers 12-34.

Read the complete press release here!

TeenNick Promo: Degrassi Returns This October

The summer season may have ended tonight, but this October Degrassi returns with brand new episodes!

TV Guide Teases Degrassi Finale

Degrassi is to be featured in an upcoming issue of TV Guide, and the article contains some interesting spoilers about the finale.

As expected, it looks like the season 12 summer finale will center around the production of Romeo and Jules. In addition to storylines about Clare, TV Guide hints at an interesting Tristan storyline we may be seeing:

Another twist comes when one of the ‘Romeo and Jules’ leading men, openly gay freshman Tristan (Lyle O’Donohoe), can’t be found after he accepts and intriguing invitation from a secret admirer. Stohn compares tonight’s finale to iconic Degrassi episodes from the past, including the shooting of Jimmy Brooks and the death of J.T. “The way it all comes together makes it a special episode people will remember,” says Stohn. “I cried at the end of it.” Whether those were tears of joy or sadness remains to be seen.

Interesting! Degrassi has posted scans from the article on their official Tumblr blog. Check it out!

TeenNick & Much Music Promos: Degrassi Showdown Week 4

…What is there to say? I’m speechless.

Check out the above promo from TeenNick for next week’s episodes. You can also watch a LQ version of the Much Music promo on Tumblr!

TeenNick Promo: Degrassi Showdown Week 3

TeenNick Promo: Degrassi Showdown Week 2

Degrassi TeenNick Promo: Week 1

Interview: Jessica Tyler with Channel Guide Magazine

What’s going on with Jenna this season? We haven’t heard too much. But in a new interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Degrassi star Jessica Tyler gave us a few hints.

In the interview, Jessica also discusses the very popular (and intense) adoption storyline from season 11 as well as her music on and off the show. As for Jenna’s storyline in season 12, it looks like Jenna will be trying to move forward from last season:

So what’s going on in Season 12 so far? What should we expect for Jenna and in general?
Right now, we’re about halfway through the season that we’re filming now, but when we come back, in terms of Jenna, she will have just broken up with K.C. and given the baby away, so she’s coming back to school hoping to have a fresh start, maybe make some new friends and try to move on from the past in a positive way.
Basically, this whole season is about picking sides between the characters here. There’s all of this drama going on, as always, so Jenna and Becky — a new character — they become friends, and as Jenna’s values in life and views start to change, it’s all about picking sides and what’s right, what’s wrong this season. It’s kind of like that for every character

Are you excited for Jenna’s storyline this season? Read the full interview right here!

Gallery Update: Season 12 Promotional Images

The Degrassi Online Gallery has been updated with the latest season 12 promotional images from the gallery photoshoot. The album now includes 63 pictures, including the most recent ones that were released last week (see above). Check out all our season 12 photos right here!