Exclusive Interview: Shanice Banton and Jacob Neayem Part 1!

It’s Friday, so of course we have another exclusive interview with the cast of Degrassi!

This week we are posting interviews with Shanice Banton and Jacob Neayem, better known as Degrassi’s new power couple, Marisol and Mo. In this interview, we asked Shanice and Jacob how they started acting and why they love it so much!

On Monday we will have the 2nd part of this interview to share with all of you.

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Exclusive Interview: Chloe Rose, Sam Earle and Annie Clark Part 2!

Degrassi Online continues to bring you exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi!

Today we have the 2nd part of our interview with Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark. Continuing from our discussion in part 1 of the interview, we asked the Degrassi stars about the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen about themselves on the internet and their summer plans.

Check back this Friday when we post another interview with the cast of Degrassi!

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Exclusive Interview: Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark!

Throughout the summer season, Degrassi Online will be bringing you exclusive interviews with the cast of Degrassi. We will be posting 2 new interviews per week (every Monday and Friday).

This week we have an interview with Chloe Rose, Sam Earle, and Annie Clark who we were fortunate enough to talk to at the season 12 premiere. In the first part of the interview, Chloe, Sam and Annie talk about how much they know about the Degrassi fandom and how often they search themselves on Tumblr!

Check back on Monday when we will post the 2nd part of this interview. What is the weirdest thing Chloe, Sam and Annie have seen about themselves on the internet? Yes, they do in fact answer this question!

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Linda Schuyler & Stefan Brogren Address Degrassi Controversy

If you are a Degrassi fan, the name Florida Family Association should probably sound familiar. This conservative organization has been criticizing Degrassi for years because of the show’s many LGBT characters. They have lead various email campaigns in an attempt to get companies to stop advertising during episodes of Degrassi.

Degrassi producers Linda Schuyler and Stefan Brogren addressed the controversy in separate interviews this past week. A major storyline in season 12 involves a split along religious lines over LGBT issues. Many fans have speculated that this storyline is in response to the FFA.

On that topic, Stefan Brogren said, “The truth is, there’s a lot of kids out there who hold very deeply onto their faith, and that can cause problems within the teen community.” Degrassi seems committed to portraying the religious characters fairly (both of them are regulars), as opposed to instantly making them the “bad guy.” Of course, Degrassi will also continue giving storylines to Adam, one of the first teenage transgender characters in TV history. “It’s something that we wanted to address for a couple of years,” Stefan told The Toronto Star, “but we really didn’t know how. We didn’t know what the stats were. But we’ve become aware of how many young people are dealing with questions about their gender.”

Ultimately, it’s clear that the producers and writers are aware of the FFA controversy, but that only seems to make them more passionate about accurately portraying LGBT characters on the show. “We’re continuing to challenge people in their tolerance and understanding of sexual identity,” Linda Schuyler said in a recent interview. “[The FFA] have that narrow mindset, and then they say they are against bullying. It’s just insane. They were quite active, writing to our broadcasters, asking them to pull ads from our show. Fortunately, neither broadcaster responded.

Q&A: Degrassi producer Linda Schuyler on what to expect this school year
Degrassi, Then and Now

Interview: Aislinn Paul with The Magazine

This has to be one of my favourite season 12 interviews so far!

Aislinn Paul recently spoke to The Magazine to promote Degrassi’s 12th season. She answered a lot of interesting questions on everything from Degrassi’s busy shooting schedule to her favourite scene to film. She also discussed Clare getting back together with Eli and working with Munro Chambers prior to Degrassi.

On Degrassi’s 40-episode-season limited time schedule, Aislinn said:

It is very different. Back in season 8, I mean we still only shot the 20 or so episodes, and going from being used to working on set with scripts like that and then moving on to shooting twice as many episodes…It was really different to move on and do that much work in so little time and so it’s been an adjustment to work with the scripts for that little time but it’s also a nice challenge. I’ve had a lot of fun.

Read the full article on TheMagazine.ca!

Interview: Jessica Tyler with The GATE

The season 12 interviews just keep coming!

Check out this interview with Jessica Tyler from TheGate.ca in which she discusses Jenna’s life after the adoption, her music career, and Degrassi’s upcoming trip to Africa.

Interview: Degrassi Cast with the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post Canada recently got the chance to interview several cast members from Degrassi including Munro Chambers, Alicia Josipovic, Alex Steele, Annie Clark, and Christine Prosperi. They talked about what we can look forward to in season 12, and some of the questions even came directly from the fans!

The Huffington Post has posted several video clips from the interview online. You can watch each clip on HuffingtonPost.ca.

Interview: Stephen Stohn with Degrassi Experience

Degrassi’s executive producer Stephen Stohn was interviewed via Skype by the fandom’s most popular vloggers, Alex and Taylor from Degrassi Experience! Check out their exclusive interview with the man behind our favourite show.

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Interview: Jessica Tyler with Channel Guide Magazine

What’s going on with Jenna this season? We haven’t heard too much. But in a new interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Degrassi star Jessica Tyler gave us a few hints.

In the interview, Jessica also discusses the very popular (and intense) adoption storyline from season 11 as well as her music on and off the show. As for Jenna’s storyline in season 12, it looks like Jenna will be trying to move forward from last season:

So what’s going on in Season 12 so far? What should we expect for Jenna and in general?
Right now, we’re about halfway through the season that we’re filming now, but when we come back, in terms of Jenna, she will have just broken up with K.C. and given the baby away, so she’s coming back to school hoping to have a fresh start, maybe make some new friends and try to move on from the past in a positive way.
Basically, this whole season is about picking sides between the characters here. There’s all of this drama going on, as always, so Jenna and Becky — a new character — they become friends, and as Jenna’s values in life and views start to change, it’s all about picking sides and what’s right, what’s wrong this season. It’s kind of like that for every character

Are you excited for Jenna’s storyline this season? Read the full interview right here!

Interview: Alex Steele with the Toronto Sun

The countdown to season 12 is on! With only one more week before the highly anticipated season premiere, I think we can expect a lot of cast interviews coming out the next few days.

One of those interviews is with fan favourite Alex Steele, who recently did an interview with the Toronto Sun. In the interview, Alex talks about her Degrassi past as Angela Jeremiah and how she got back into acting again.

On returning to the show after her last episode in 2006, Alex said: “It’s a little strange to look back and think I was a totally different character, just, like, eating cake and having an older brother, and now I’m actually part of the cast at Degrassi, dealing with my own problems.

We can’t wait to see what happens to Tori this season! Read the full article on TorontoSun.com.