Behind the Scenes Pictures at Much Music

I said that I was going to stop posting until Friday, because there are spoilers for the finale everywhere (seriously, I feel like we’ve seen the entire episode already). But these pictures of our cast are too cute to resist!! Much Music posted a bunch of new pictures this afternoon from their weekly live hits with the Degrassi cast members. The pictures include Aislinn, Jessica, Charlotte, AJ, Melinda, Munro, Spencer, Jajube, Annie, Daniel, Alicia, and Cory. Check out all of the images at the Much Blog!

Sav’s Upcoming Storyline?

Much Music is on a roll this week! This just posted yet another one of these short video interviews with the cast answering your questions!

In this video, Ray talks about what it’s like to be on Degrassi and how he has grown with his character Sav. He is also asked what is going to happen to Sav in the next half of the season… and gives an interesting answer. Watch the video above & check out the Much blog for more!

Behind the Scenes: Landon & Annie

How similar are Annie & Landon in real life?

Much Music posted yet another of these behind the scenes clips yesterday. This one features Landon Liboiron and Annie Clark telling us who is better at a number of activities. I’m guessing this was filmed a while ago, but it’s still great to see Landon again!

EDIT: Also watch this clip with Munro & Aislinn making a cameo in the middle of the interview with Melinda, Alicia, and Samantha!

Degrassi Cast Answers Your Questions

Much Music posted a few more of these short videos with the cast answering the questions you guys submitted earlier this year. Ray talks about who he would want to meet if he was on Much Music’s My Date With (hint: it’s a former Degrassi cast member).

Also, check out these other videos:
Alicia Josipovic: What was it like to be a dancer in Camp Rock 2?
Melinda Shankar: Who does Alli have better chemistry with?

Who Would Charlotte Arnold Choose?

Sav or Declan? Charlotte talks about working with Landon & Ray and her real life friendships with the two of them. Who would she choose? And who does she think is better with Holly J? Watch this clip to find out!

Behind the Scenes: Samantha on Sav & Anya

I’m still trying to get caught up on updates from yesterday, so here’s the latest behind the scenes clips from Much Music. The first (seen above) is Samantha talking about having a separate storyline from Sav. And there is also this one in which Jessica talks about her fake baby bump.

Sam & Jessica Behind The Scenes

Landon & Annie’s Off-Screen Friendship

Pictures: Degrassi Filming on Location

With the filming of season 10 coming to an end, Degrassi has been filming on location this past week. One Degrassi fan spotted them and got the chance to talk with the cast & take a few pictures! The pictures feature what looks like Luke, Sam, Alicia and Jahmil filming a scene together. We don’t know exactly what the scene is about yet, but it is probably part of one of the last episodes of season 10. Very exciting! To see more pictures & read about the experience, check out Previewofmylife on tumblr. Thank you so much Previewofmylife for sharing your photos with us!

Update: There is also a video on Youtube of Toronto radio host Mad Dog filming the scene on location. He talks a bit about what the scene is about so beware of spoilers! You might remember that Mad Dog & Billie made an appearance on Degrassi in the season 2 episode “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Landon & Annie Behind the Scenes