Degrassi Promo: Tonight, Tonight

Check out the Much Music promo for next Friday’s new episode of Degrassi – Tonight, Tonight! You can also watch the TeenNick promo right here!

Degrassi Promo: I Want It That Way Part 2

Check out the Much Music promo for I Want It That Way Part 2 above. The TeenNick promo is also available now. Click here to watch it!

Much Music & TeenNick Promos: I Want It That Way Part 1

Check out the Much Music promo for next Friday’s new episode – I Want It That Way Part 1. Also you can watch TeenNick’s promo right here!

Much Music Fall Season Press Release!

Much Music released their press release today for the fall season. While the press release did contain some info we already knew about (e.g. Chaz Bono will be making an appearance), it also include some new spoilers as well.

We now know that Canadian rock band Hedley will be making a guest appearance AND Degrassi will be moving back to it’s 9 p.m. ET timeslot (instead of 10 p.m. in the summer).

Chaz Bono and Canada’s rock royalty Hedley are among the exciting guest appearances on DEGRASSI, when the iconic series returns Friday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET, exclusively on Much. The second half of Season 12 is jam-packed with dramatic storylines and challenging topics, tackling issues such as bullying, depression, and gender identity struggles. Full episodes of DEGRASSI are available on, following the broadcast premiere.

When fans last saw the students of DEGRASSI, Eli’s school play, Romeo and Jules, had a successful opening night, and Clare made a decision to get even with Asher by going to the police. When DEGRASSI kicks off the second half of this season with “Building a Mystery” (Part 1), Becky begins to fall for Adam and worries about how her conservative parents will react. Meanwhile, Bianca urges Drew to reconnect with his mom. At a loss for film ideas, Eli is desperate for creative inspiration.

The mid-season finale of Season 12 in August was the #1 specialty program in its timeslot in its key demographic of viewers 12-17, as well as the #1 non-sports specialty program, with viewers 12-34.

Read the complete press release here!

TeenNick & Much Music Promos: Degrassi Showdown Week 4

…What is there to say? I’m speechless.

Check out the above promo from TeenNick for next week’s episodes. You can also watch a LQ version of the Much Music promo on Tumblr!

Exclusive: Degrassi Season 12 Premiere

What a night! (No Degrassi High pun intended)

Degrassi’s annual premiere party took place at Much Music HQ in Toronto last night, and the event did not disappoint! Hundreds of fans showed up to meet their favourite Degrassi cast members and watch the season premiere on a big screen in the parking lot. They lined up for hours in the hot weather to be first to catch a glimpse of the Degrassi stars.

The premiere party got underway at 6pm with a special episode of New Music Live. Various cast members were interviewed by Much Music VJ’s around the parking lot, and they talked a lot about the juicy storylines that we are all looking forward to this season! Additionally, a few fans were asked to share their stories about how the characters on Degrassi have inspired them and changed their lives. It was so rewarding to hear about the impact that the show has on its young audience.

After NML, the cast took pictures with fans at a special photo wall and also signed autographs at the nearby Virgin Mobile store. A special live stream was set up on so that Degrassians who were not able to attend the event could watch all of the excitement from home. I was also lucky enough to interview a few Degrassi cast members, and those exclusive clips will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Ever wonder how often the cast searches themselves on Tumblr? Keep checking Degrassi Online to find out!

The night ended with a screening of the season premiere in the Much Music parking lot. Fans brought lawn chairs and blankets and watched the episode together. It’s always so exciting to watch Degrassi with a group of people who are going to gasp and cheer at every moment. I have so much love for our Degrassi community!

Throughout the evening, I took lots of pictures of our gorgeous cast as well as a few enthusiastic fans. You can view them all in our gallery!

Season 12 Premiere Event Info!

Are you going to be in Toronto on Monday, July 16th?

As always, Much Music will be kicking off Degrassi’s summer season with a huge premiere party at 299 Queen St West in Toronto. This morning they released information about the event on their blog.

This year it all starts at 6:00 p.m. with an episode of New Music Live with the cast of Degrassi. The episode will be filmed live from the Much Music parking lot. Degrassi’s season premiere starts at 10:00 p.m., so in between NML and the new episode, the cast will be around to sign autographs, pose for pictures, and meet with the fans. Much Music is also teasing a “super special surprise” for anyone in attendance!

To RSVP visit and make sure you are a member of MuchCloser. In fact, the highest ranking MuchCloser members may even get preferred seating at the event! If you are American and planning on making the trip to Toronto for the premiere, Stephen tweeted this earlier today: “Americans! If you want to RSVP to the Degrassi premiere event pls DM me and I’ll help make it happen!” So you should still be able to attend even if you are not a Canadian citizen.

I am so excited to say that I will also be at the premiere event this year, along with my fellow Degrassi bloggers Ashley, Kary, and Alex & Taylor. If you see us at the premiere, feel free to say hello! The 5 of us will be in Toronto all week for various Degrassi-related activities, and we will be bringing you exclusive pictures, interviews, and adventures from the perspective of the fans.

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New Season 12 Character Descriptions Revealed

Earlier today, Much Music posted new character descriptions for the 4 newbies (Becky, Luke, Dallas, and Campbell). Much also included a ton of new promo pictures, which you can check out on their blog. Who is your favourite so far?

BECKY BAKER (16), Grade 11
Becky is bright, bubbly and enthusiastic. Raised a conservative Christian, Becky always puts family first. She loves musical theatre, and singing in the church choir. She knows not everyone will agree with her traditional values, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

LUKE BAKER (16), Grade 11
The Tim Tebow of Jr. Hockey, Luke Baker is everything a good Floridian should be: athletic, handsome, and above all, a devout Christian. But Luke’s teenage urges often get the better of him, despite his attempts to remain pure to his Christian faith. Being a hockey player, Luke has a constant abundance of female adoration, which usually makes him the guy who’ll kiss first and pray for forgiveness later.

MIKE “DALLAS” DALLAS (18), Grade 12
Hockey team captain, Dallas expects to enjoy everything elite players revel in — puck bunnies, keggers, alpha male status. Dallas is a fun-loving guy who’s never had to deal with real consequences for any of his actions. Dallas plays big brother to everyone on his team, teasing and mocking the boys in the locker room, but over-protective in public, lashing out at anyone who crosses him or his team.

Like his Junior Hockey teammates, Campbell is handsome and athletic. Unlike his teammates, Cam is gentle, shy, and sweet. But whatever confidence he lacks in social settings, he more than makes up for on the ice with his dominating skill.

HQ Version of the Much Music Trailer

Finally, Much Music has posted a high quality version of their new season 12 promo which premiered during the Much Music Video Awards on Sunday night. Check it out on!

Degrassi Cast at the Much Music Video Awards

The Much Music Video Awards took place in Toronto last night, and various Degrassi cast members were there! Munro Chambers, Christine Prosperi, Jessica Tyler, Luke Bilyk, Jahmil French, and Alicia Josipovic were there representing the current cast, as well as Degrassi alumnus like Cassie Steele and Shenae Grimes.

Munro presented an award to Justin Bieber towards the end of the evening. He also answered some questions in the press room (see above video), and talked about aspiring to follow in Ryan Gosling’s footsteps, what it’s like to be called a “sex symbol,” and what we can expect from Eli in season 12.

Keep checking back, because we will update as soon as more pictures and video of our Degrassi cast at the MMVA’s are released.

-Watch the MMVA’s on (Munro Chambers and Shenae Grimes presenting)
-YouTube: Munro Chambers Presents an Award to Justin Bieber
-Watch the Be Bold Lounge (Munro Chambers and Cassie Steele are interviewed)
-New Season 12 Promo (Low Quality)
-Munro Chambers Backstage Interview
-Degrassi Cast on the Red Carpet with Inside Pulse – Video 1 & Video 2