Are YOU the Next Degrassi Designer?!

Degrassi Online has partnered with Brüzer for an exciting new competition that gives YOU, THE FANS, the ability to have a say in the Degrassi merchandise. Do you share a passion for fashion with Fiona Coyne? Are you creative and artistic like Imogen? Or are you just passionate about all things Degrassi like we are?!

We’re on the look-out for someone to help design a brand new Degrassi product to be featured in the official Degrassi online store, powered and sponsored by Brüzer. This is your chance to create something that could become a part of the Degrassi legacy!

The winning design submission will inspire a new product, which will be added to the Degrassi online store powered by Brüzer. The winner will also receive a coupon for CAD$150 to spend in the official Degrassi on-line store. The Runner-up will receive a coupon of CAD$50 to spend in the official Degrassi on-line store.

It’s really easy too! Just use the form below and submit your design for consideration. You must submit a written description of your design idea, and you also have the option to attach an image of what your design might look like. You don’t have to be a great artist… we’ll help with that part. Check out the Degrassi online store to see what merchandise is already offered. Is there anything you think the Degrassi store is missing? What you would like to see? Be creative!

Submit your design ideas by November 12, 2012 at 11:00 p.m. ET. All submissions will then be reviewed by the contest officiators, who will choose the top designs. Our officiators will be judging submissions on criteria including: creativity, originality, practicality, marketability, and relevance to Degrassi. We want to see designs that would appeal to ALL Degrassi fans. We’re looking for the WOW factor; something that hasn’t been produced by the Degrassi online store before. The top designs will then be posted as finalists, and you will have the opportunity to vote, giving all Degrassians their say on the top designs! The winning design and a runner-up design will be chosen by our officiators in their discretion, based on the judging criteria (Degrassians’ voting may influence the officiators’ decisions, but will not determine the winning or runner-up design). Voting will commence on November 19, 2012, and you will have until November 26, 2012 to vote for your favourite.


Degrassi Merchandise: The Panthers 88 T-Shirt

Fall is upon us Degrassians!

What are you up to this fall? Working hard at school and/or work? Filling your closet with fall fashion? Watching football from the couch? How about cheering on your favorite football team, or even your classmates from the sidelines?!

I know if I was at Degrassi I’d definitely be going to as many home games as possible! There’s something about the energy on the field, and watching the people you have History class with out there representing your school, striving for that win! How could you now want to cheer on Mo, Owen, Connor, Drew and the rest of the Panthers?!

A piece that showcases my love for Degrassi football is the Degrassi Panthers 88 Tee. Not only does it represent the Degassi Panthers with a sporty flair but, it has also been worn on the show by a former member of the football team, Jane! TOO cool! Head on over to the Degrassi on-line store and check out the various products including the Panthers 88 Tee. Go team, GO!

Degrassi Merchandise: Back to School with the Degrassi Letterman Hoodie

September is right around the corner, and school is about to be back in session. I know I wish I was heading back to Degrassi Community School this fall. Imagine cheering on Owen, Connor and the rest of the team at a Panthers game?!

It may not be possible for me to attend Degrassi, but it is possible for me to show my Panther pride. From the Spirit Sqaud to the Power Squad, Paige Michalchuk to Marisol Lewis, school spirit has come a long way, and has always been a big part of Degrassi. Whether it is the Power Squad cheering on the football team, or students cheering on their fellow classmates at Robot Wars, Degrassi students take pride in their school. A great way to show your Panther pride despite not being able to cheer on fellow Degrassians, is to sport some serious Panther merchandise. I’m most ecstatic about my Degrassi Letterman Hoodie, pictured below.

Although I wear my Degrassi Letterman Hoodie all year round, it’s an absolute staple in my fall wardrobe. Heading back to school wearing my blue and gold hoodie makes me even more excited to return to the halls of my own “Degrassi.” Having this great piece of merchandise gives me such a sense of Panther pride!

The Degrassi Store offers this hoodie along with so much more to add to your Degrassi wardrobe! What better way to get through the hiatus than showing your Panther pride while getting back in to the swing of school? From Spirit Squad shirts, to Degrassi Drama, the Degrassi Store has something for you!

Written by a very fashionable Degrassian – Sam!

Degrassi Merchandise: ‘Degrassi Drama’ T-Shirt Now Available

Do you ever secretly wish that you went to Degrassi?

Despite the fact that most kids who go to Degrassi are lucky to get out alive, I can’t help but wish I could be best friends with Imogen or sitting in detention with Bianca. I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to visit the set a couple of times, and it is a surreal experience. As a longtime fan of the show, seeing Degrassi Community School in person and walking down the halls is almost like falling into the Degrassi world.

Most of the time, I think about who I would be and where I would fit in at the school. Would I be on student council? The academic quiz team? The Power Squad? There are so many possibilities.

Degrassi’s (many) clubs are an integral part of the show. Over the years we’ve seen the Degrassi Archery Club, the Grapevine, the Friendship Club, as well as countless sports teams and after school activities. In recent years, however, it’s the Degrassi Drama Club that has taken the spotlight. How much would you like to be co-directing Romeo and Jules with Eli Goldsworthy by your side? The Degrassi Drama Club has had plenty of ‘drama’ over the past couple of seasons, both on stage and off. That’s what has made it so compelling.

Lucky for me, I do have a little piece of Degrassi Drama in my wardrobe. The Degrassi Drama t-shirt (worn by Clare and Eli above) is currently for sale in the Degrassi Store!

Often the first thing people say when they see me wearing this t-shirt is “you watch Degrassi?” Umm… yeah. I do a little more than watch it. But it’s definitely a conversation starter and a great way to meet other fans!

Earlier this summer, I was hanging out with Kary (who you all know from Degrassi Blog) outside of a Toronto subway station. Kary was decked out in his own Degrassi Drama t-shirt as we were about to visit various Degrassi landmarks throughout the city. All of the sudden, the one and only Aislinn Paul (aka Clare Edwards on Degrassi) walked right by us. She instantly recognized Kary thanks to the t-shirt, and we had a little conversation with her.

So if you plan on running into Aislinn Paul anytime soon, or you just want to pretend to be Clare Edwards for a day, the Degrassi Drama t-shirt is only $19.99 if you buy it from the Degrassi Store. It may not buy you a ticket to Degrassi Community School, but you can show off your Degrassi pride to the world!

Now Available: New Degrassi Merchandise!

Those of you who love collecting Degrassi merchandise will be pleased to hear that Degrassi’s online store has added a bunch of new items recently! This store was definitely in need of an upgrade, so we couldn’t be more thrilled. Now you can purchase clothing and jewelry such as Eli’s necklace (seen above), the Degrassi drama t-shirt, the panthers t-shirts, plus some old favourites like the Degrassi Junior High and Studz tee’s. All of these items are reasonably priced (in the $20-$30 range), and can be shipped to the US or Canada. Keep checking back, because we’re told that more items will be added throughout the summer. Happy shopping!

New Degrassi T-Shirt Design

Check out this totally awesome Degrassi t-shirt mentioned by Nylon Magazine today! Featuring characters from Degrassi Junior High, this “class of 88″ style t-shirt features yearbook photos for each of the characters. It is being sold by Young Lovers for $48. Personally, I love it!! What do you guys think? Is this a new Degrassi collectable?

Degrassi: The Boiling Point Soundtrack Now Available

The new soundtrack for Degrassi: The Boiling Point was released online today. It is available for download at Amazon. The soundtrack includes songs by Moneen, All Too Much, Jessica Tyler, as well as quotes from the show. Add it to your Degrassi music collection!

If you want to purchase the CD format, it will be released on Feb. 22, 2011

Degrassi T-Shirts At Hot Topic

Hot Topic now has a few Degrassi t-shirts available. I love the retro Degrassi High one on the left, but there are also Degrassi TNG t-shirts as well. Check them all out right here.

Degrassi T-Shirts Coming Soon to Hot Topic?

BURBANK: Cookie Jar-owned Copyright Promotions Licensing Group (CPLG) has been appointed as the global licensing agent for the Degrassi television franchise, with lead categories to include apparel and publishing.

The key demo for the planned retail products will be teen girls and young adults. The first licensee on board for apparel is 5th Sun, which will roll out T-shirts to Hot Topic stores starting this summer.

“We’re thrilled to represent one of the most successful teen TV franchises of all time as they celebrate their 30th anniversary,” said Cindy Davis, senior VP of licensing at CPLG U.S. “CPLG looks forward to bringing a variety of products to retail that will appeal to fans of all ages.”