Entertainment Weekly Reveals Season 11/12 Spoilers

This week’s Entertainment Weekly includes a small blurb on Degrassi with some interesting information! According to the mag, Holly J. will appear in the last 2 episodes of season 11. They also give away the names and ages of season 12′s new character. The short article draws attention to Degrassi’s 12th season, which will also include its 300th episode.

Most teen series struggle as their lead actors age, but EW has learned that TeenNick has just begun production on the 12th(!) season of Degrassi, which will premiere this summer and contian the show’s 300th episode. The secret to the Canadian drama’s success: allowing its high school seniors to graduate and disappear instead of following them into the AARP. To that end, Degrassi will introduce four new characters – Campbell (grade 10), Mike (grade 12), and siblings Luke and Becky (grade 11). But before that, season 11 – which airs Fridays at 9 p.m. – will wrap up with the return of a fan favourite. Recent grad Holly J (Charlotte Arnold) drops in for the final two episodes (May 11 and 18) to help her best friend, Fiona (Annie Clark) with relationship and family troubles.”

Interview with Charlotte Arnold

On Tuesday,  Ology interviewed Charlotte Arnold. The piece was released today and covers her thoughts on leaving Degrassi, what’s next for her, the future for Holly J, and other insights. She also shares a little bit about tonight’s mid season finale.

On shooting her last scene:

“It was sad: I think that in the scene itself I was kind of wrapped up in the dialogue and getting the action down, but when they’d say “cut,” I’d look around and just see our supervisor Nancy, and [the crew] doing what they’ll still be doing after we leave; it was so sad. I shed a few tears that day. And when they announce that you’re done for good; they say “that was a season wrap on Charlotte!” that was another big cry!”

“We took a limo off-set and the last thing that I ever shot was me and Annie and Samantha and Jajube in a limo, driving around with our heads out the window, singing Green Day and just having a really great time.”

On tonight’s episode

“Well, there’s some bloodshed.  It’s a pretty intense climax at prom. There’s a storyline that’s been going on this entire season since the spring break special, with Drew dealing with post-traumatic stress and Bianca dealing with her past; that comes to a huge head–a boiling point, if you will!–at the prom, so that’s something that, I think, will shock people with how it turns out. And then, of course, for my own character, whether she’s going to get her kidney transplant, whether she’ll live after that. There a couple of moments where people are going to be shocked. So saying goodbye to all the seniors is a huge deal and seeing how the younger grades deal with the events at prom should be interesting.”

The article includes her favorite Holly J storyline, relationship and other moments as well as her thought’s on season 11′s most notable couples. Read it all here

Exit Interview featuring Charlotte, Ray, and Samantha

The seniors have officially graduated from Degrassi and with the new format, the cast members playing those seniors graduate from the show as well. Hollywood Life was on set to interview Charlotte Arnold, Ray Ablack, Samantha Munro, and a cameo from Daniel Kelly in this video. Read the rest here.

Degrassi Week 7 Episode Clips

With it being the final week of ‘Degrassi: Now or Never’ clips and interviews are being release across several media sites. Here are three, featuring Charlotte Arnold as Holly J and Annie Clark as Fiona Coyne. The first one (above) is from Celebuzz and Take A Bow Part 1, you can view it directly on their site and read more about tonight’s episode spoilers here. The second clip (below) is also in Take A Bow Part 1 from Hollywood Life.

Also: make sure you check out another clip, as seen in Take A Bow Part 2. It’s from TV Guide. Plot reveling spoilers are included.

Charlotte Arnold Talks To Hollywoodlife.com

Hollywoodlife.com’s Andy Swift spent some time talking to Charlotte Arnold recently On Set! Charlotte talked about why she’ll never join Twitter and Holly J’s upcoming storyline! Also, there’s an appearance by a certain cat in the video!

Watch the interview below, or go to the article right HERE!

Charlotte Arnold Encourages Young People to Vote

As most of you are aware, Canada is in the middle of an election campaign. On May 2nd we will be voting for our federal MP candidates. There are so many important issues right now: the environment, economy, funding for the arts, health care, ethics, and more. Yet in the last federal election, only 1/3 of Canadian young people voted. Our very own Charlotte Arnold is a member of The Toronto Star’s 2011 Youth Nation Panel. She recently wrote an article about the importance of casting your ballot in this election. Here is some of what she had to say:

A little perspective: Since December 2010, the international community has watched as thousands of people die for the right to choose their leaders. This movement was largely driven by young people for whom the Internet has been a massive gift in organization and communication.

As privileged citizens in a country where information is free and voting is a right, it’s an insult to the politically oppressed around the world if we don’t take pride in the power we possess to enact change.

I would like to echo Charlotte’s sentiment and encourage all of you 18+ Canadians to vote on May 2nd. Voting is a privilege that we should all cherish. It will only take 20 minutes out of your day, and it’s your chance to participate in democracy. Click here to read Charlotte’s article. And for information on voting, check out Elections.ca.

Degrassi Cast PSAs: Free the Children, Kids Help Phone

When you’re a Degrassi cast member, you have to be good at public service announcements. That is especially true for Munro, Charlotte, and Melinda who have all participated in various PSAs recently.

Munro and Charlotte each did a PSA for Free the Children’s “Five Days for Freedom” campaign. They each tell a personal story from someone who has been helped by Free the Children. Other celebrities involved in the campaign include Jacob Hoggard from Hedley and Jessi Cruickshank from MTV Canada. To learn more about the Five Days for Freedom campaign, check out their website. You can view Charlotte’s PSA on YouTube right here and Munro’s over here.

Munro also joined Melinda in a PSA for Kids Help Phone. The PSA encourages Canadians to get involved in the 2011 Walk for Kids Help Phone. Kids Help Phone provides free counselling services for any kid across Canada. Whether it be suicide, depression, uncertainty, eating disorders, etc. Kids Help Phone really makes a difference in the lives of children and teenagers. Visit their website for more information on how you can get involved. Check out Munro and Melinda’s PSA right here!

The Big Kiss With Charlotte & Ray

Charlotte & Ray were on hand today to unveil a giant holiday decoration at Yonge-Dundas Square for Virgin Mobile’s The Big Kiss event. The downtown square was transformed for the Christmas season, and organizers decided to hold a simultaneous kiss when they unveiled the mistletoe. Lips locked this evening as the decoration was revealed. This adorable picture from the event was released to the media.

Who Would Charlotte Arnold Choose?

Sav or Declan? Charlotte talks about working with Landon & Ray and her real life friendships with the two of them. Who would she choose? And who does she think is better with Holly J? Watch this clip to find out!

Charlotte Arnold Discusses Love Lockdown

TeenNick’s next interview is with Charlotte Arnold, who primarily speaks about her thoughts on the highly conversial Holly J. episode “Love Lockdown.” On the scene when Holly J. leaves the condo, Charlotte says:

That was really a tough scene, because I was getting notes to play it happy — like she was going out of her way to make things seem normal. And then, we have TVs all around the production office so whatever we’re shooting on set, the writers and producers see. And I think some feedback came back that I was maybe looking too convincing? So we made it more forced. It was a very nuanced sort of scene.

Interesting. She also talks about going to high school with Munro and taking time off from her current education. Read it all right here.