Exit Interview featuring Charlotte, Ray, and Samantha

The seniors have officially graduated from Degrassi and with the new format, the cast members playing those seniors graduate from the show as well. Hollywood Life was on set to interview Charlotte Arnold, Ray Ablack, Samantha Munro, and a cameo from Daniel Kelly in this video. Read the rest here.

Ray Ablack & Cory Lee TeenNick Interview!

The-Mary (or does she just go by Mary now?) from TeenNick visited the Degrassi set and got to talk to Ray Ablack and Cory Lee! She talked to Ray about leaving Degrassi, and also talked with Cory Lee about Ms. Oh and Sav’s new “romance.”

Here’s a few questions from the interview:

Did either of you ever have a crush on a teacher in high school?
CORY: I think it might be more of a guy thing? I didn’t have any crushes on any of my male teachers…
RAY: I totally forgot: Ms. Diaz. She was a science teacher. The last night of the school play, down in the basement there was a big dance for the cast and crew, and she was there chaperoning. And I asked her to dance with me, and she said no. But I had a huge crush on Ms. Diaz.

I can’t believe she said no! Well, I guess I can…
RAY: I think she liked me, that’s why.
CORY: [sad trombone noise]

To read the full interview, click HERE

First Look at Ray Ablack’s New Movie

Our own Ray Ablack is starring in a new movie, and now we have the trailer online!! The film is called Fondi ’91, and it follows the adventures of a Jersey-based high school soccer team’s trip to Europe. Ray plays the lead character who goes through a coming of age in a foreign land. The film is currently set to be released in Fall of 2011.

In addition to the trailer, make sure you check out the official website for the film. It includes lots of new pictures (many of them featuring Ray), information on the story, and links to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Plus Ray’s gorgeous smile — what more could you want?

Sav’s Upcoming Storyline?

Much Music is on a roll this week! This just posted yet another one of these short video interviews with the cast answering your questions!

In this video, Ray talks about what it’s like to be on Degrassi and how he has grown with his character Sav. He is also asked what is going to happen to Sav in the next half of the season… and gives an interesting answer. Watch the video above & check out the Much blog for more!

Degrassi Cast Answers Your Questions

Much Music posted a few more of these short videos with the cast answering the questions you guys submitted earlier this year. Ray talks about who he would want to meet if he was on Much Music’s My Date With (hint: it’s a former Degrassi cast member).

Also, check out these other videos:
Alicia Josipovic: What was it like to be a dancer in Camp Rock 2?
Melinda Shankar: Who does Alli have better chemistry with?

Degrassi & Skins in Conversation

This week, Toronto Life featured a photo conversation with our own Ray Ablack & Camille Cresencia-Mills from the North American version of Skins. The idea is that both Degrassi and Skins are unique teen dramas that push boundaries and focus on middle class, “normal” teens. Both shows are also filmed in Toronto. The photos are cute! Click the images above to see the full size scans.

The Big Kiss With Charlotte & Ray

Charlotte & Ray were on hand today to unveil a giant holiday decoration at Yonge-Dundas Square for Virgin Mobile’s The Big Kiss event. The downtown square was transformed for the Christmas season, and organizers decided to hold a simultaneous kiss when they unveiled the mistletoe. Lips locked this evening as the decoration was revealed. This adorable picture from the event was released to the media.

Degrassi Cast Members Join Love Is Louder Campaign

Various CTV celebrities (including the cast of Degrassi) have joined the Love Is Louder campaign to build an online support network for victims of bullying. According to CTV’s website, “this movement strives to amplify the momentum of other inspiring online campaigns and invite anyone who has felt mistreated, misunderstood or isolated into the conversation.” As part of the campaign, CTV and its affiliate networks have been airing widespread coverage during National Bullying Awareness Week. They have also created these PSAs featuring Degrassi’s Ray Ablack & Jordan Todosey. For more details on the campaign & how you can get involved, visit LoveIsLouder.com or CTV’s own Love Is Louder page.

Ray Interviewed in 24 Hours Toronto

Ray was interviewed in 24 Hours Toronto last week, and here is the scan! Thanks to Krista @ Epitome for sending us & the other fansites all of these scans! We love it!

Munro & Ray Behind the Scenes Interview

Let’s all be happy degrassi fans, because Much Music has started posting Degrassi BTS videos again!!! This one is of Munro & Ray pretending to roll up in a limo, being bffs, and more! Here is the permanent link to the Much blog entry. Hopefully they post more of these little videos soon!