Exclusive: Degrassi Season 12 Premiere

What a night! (No Degrassi High pun intended)

Degrassi’s annual premiere party took place at Much Music HQ in Toronto last night, and the event did not disappoint! Hundreds of fans showed up to meet their favourite Degrassi cast members and watch the season premiere on a big screen in the parking lot. They lined up for hours in the hot weather to be first to catch a glimpse of the Degrassi stars.

The premiere party got underway at 6pm with a special episode of New Music Live. Various cast members were interviewed by Much Music VJ’s around the parking lot, and they talked a lot about the juicy storylines that we are all looking forward to this season! Additionally, a few fans were asked to share their stories about how the characters on Degrassi have inspired them and changed their lives. It was so rewarding to hear about the impact that the show has on its young audience.

After NML, the cast took pictures with fans at a special photo wall and also signed autographs at the nearby Virgin Mobile store. A special live stream was set up on MuchMusic.com so that Degrassians who were not able to attend the event could watch all of the excitement from home. I was also lucky enough to interview a few Degrassi cast members, and those exclusive clips will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Ever wonder how often the cast searches themselves on Tumblr? Keep checking Degrassi Online to find out!

The night ended with a screening of the season premiere in the Much Music parking lot. Fans brought lawn chairs and blankets and watched the episode together. It’s always so exciting to watch Degrassi with a group of people who are going to gasp and cheer at every moment. I have so much love for our Degrassi community!

Throughout the evening, I took lots of pictures of our gorgeous cast as well as a few enthusiastic fans. You can view them all in our gallery!

Season 12 Premiere Event Info!

Are you going to be in Toronto on Monday, July 16th?

As always, Much Music will be kicking off Degrassi’s summer season with a huge premiere party at 299 Queen St West in Toronto. This morning they released information about the event on their blog.

This year it all starts at 6:00 p.m. with an episode of New Music Live with the cast of Degrassi. The episode will be filmed live from the Much Music parking lot. Degrassi’s season premiere starts at 10:00 p.m., so in between NML and the new episode, the cast will be around to sign autographs, pose for pictures, and meet with the fans. Much Music is also teasing a “super special surprise” for anyone in attendance!

To RSVP visit MuchMusic.com and make sure you are a member of MuchCloser. In fact, the highest ranking MuchCloser members may even get preferred seating at the event! If you are American and planning on making the trip to Toronto for the premiere, Stephen tweeted this earlier today: “Americans! If you want to RSVP to the Degrassi premiere event pls DM me and I’ll help make it happen!” So you should still be able to attend even if you are not a Canadian citizen.

I am so excited to say that I will also be at the premiere event this year, along with my fellow Degrassi bloggers Ashley, Kary, and Alex & Taylor. If you see us at the premiere, feel free to say hello! The 5 of us will be in Toronto all week for various Degrassi-related activities, and we will be bringing you exclusive pictures, interviews, and adventures from the perspective of the fans.

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“Party With Degrassi” Screening and M&G – Montclair, NJ – 2/18/12

Hey all! Degrassi Dish aka Bianca here reporting exclusively for Degrassi Online on the FABULOUS “Party With Degrassi” event at Montclair, New Jersey. Being a person who is NO stranger to TeenNick (or The-N for you old-schoolers), I knew right off the bat that an event like this was going to blow my expectations out of the water and it truly did just that.

I was lucky enough to snag a few VIP passes through my job who deals directly with Nickelodeon and TeenNick. This meant no crowds, no lines, and an exclusive meet and greet with the cast before the screen and Q&A. When we arrived we were directed to our parking spot right outside of the theater. We came close to hitting a few fangirls (SORRY!) as the line was right along the sidewalk where we parked. Inside the theater was DECKED out to the NINES. They had various booths where you could create your own Degrassi-ified t-shirts, spin a wheel to win prizes, and a digital green screen to take pictures. They had free popcorn, pretzels, candy and even “mocktails” named after your favorite Degrassi character – I tried the “Eclare on the Rocks”myself.

After taking the entire theater in and it was time to wait on line to meet the cast. We were second in line behind another VIP via Nickelodeon and in front of the Radio Winners who were needless to say enthusiastic! That’s where I met Shanene who is Mindy’s new best friend. :) We were taken backstage and THERE they WERE, sitting in a row ready to do some meeting and greeting. After I had a mini-heart attack it was my turn to meet them and let me tell you they were some of the SWEETEST most down to EARTH people you have ever met. Usually I’m a complete wreck when meeting celebrities, and yes I’ll admit I was nervous, but when you’re greeted with such kindness that type of nervousness just goes away and normal conversation goes on. Luckily since I was one of the first to meet them I had a bit of extra time to chat. Told them how much I love the show and how much their work is so appreciated. The best part was that I had time to explain to them who I was and the twitter I run as well as Erin’s new site re-launch of Degrassi-Online.com. What blew my mind was that they knew who I was and what Degrassi Talks was.

After meeting them we were taken to our seats where we waited for the show to start. Before the screening they brought out the cast for a little intro and then the show began. Opinions about the show.. let’s just say we’ll save that for a Degrassi Talks. After they brought back the cast out for Q&A. I will leave the video to explain how THAT went down. Just a few highlights: Blart, Lord of the Rings, Jahmil dancing, Munro “take off your pants”, and Mindy’s 20th birthday cake!

It was a great day and very reminiscent of the Ultimate Degrassi Party back in 2006 (holy moley 2006?!??!). We were just glad we could have been apart of it and very thankful for TeenNick for hosting such a well organized and free event for the fans. Goes to show how passionate the US fans are and that we are out there in VERY large numbers. I can’t WAIT to do it again.

Check out my 2 part video of the entire Q&A portion as well as all the pictures I took in the gallery!

Degrassi Season 11 Premiere: Pictures!

Monday night, Degrassi fans descended on Much Music HQ for the premiere of season 11. Fans lined up for 7 hours (myself included) to take pictures with the cast, and watch the premiere on the big screen in the parking lot. I have finally uploaded all of my pictures, which you guys can check out right here. As you can see, the cast looked stunning (as always), and it was a great event!

Ashley and I were two of the many fans who showed up at noon, and waited in the hot sun for hours. It’s always fun to meet new people in the line up, but the heat was a major problem this year. It was uncomfortable, and a lot of people were tired after a while. We were close to the front of the line to get pictures with the cast, but after that it was basically a free-for-all and they were just letting anybody wander in.

Throughout the night, the cast went on stage to do Q&A’s as well as Degrassi trivia. I was able to watch all of that right at the front, and it’s where most of these pictures come from. In comparison to last year’s premiere, there is no comparison. This year was bigger, more crowded, and with way more screaming. It’s amazing to see how much the show has grown in such a short amount of time.

Much Music Announces Season 11 Premiere Party!

We’ve been waiting for this news for a while, and when Stephen Stohn said last week that there would be a special announcement today, many of us were able to guess right. It’s official: Much Music will once again be hosting a premiere party next week in Toronto!!

Based on the description on Much Music’s blog, the premiere party sounds like it will be similar to last year’s event. Like the Degrassi Takes Manhattan premiere, the event will take place in the parking lot outside of Much Music HQ. They will be screening the premiere episode at 9pm, as well as allowing fans to take pictures with the cast. From what we’ve heard on Twitter, the entire cast is expected to be there. Here is the schedule given in the press release:

5 p.m. ET – Much’s flagship show NEW.MUSIC.LIVE. hits the air with a full hour devoted to DEGRASSI, featuring interviews with the cast live in-studio and exclusive sneak peeks of the new season.

7 p.m. ET – The action moves to the parking lot where fans can get their pic taken with members of the cast. These photos will be uploaded to Much’s Facebook page where fans can tag themselves and become the envy of all their friends! Much’s own Lauren Toyota hosts a Q&A session, where fans can interact and learn about their favourite cast members and find out what to expect this season. Fans interested in attending can RSVP here. For fans outside of Toronto, the Q&A session will be available live by visiting MuchMusic.com.

9 p.m. ET – In the DEGRASSI Season 11 premiere, all the students are abuzz about THE Spring Break event – Keke Palmer’s concert. Newly single Sav is depressed post-Holly-J break-up, but a flirtatious encounter with a beautiful stranger perks him up when she tells him to meet her at the show.

For more information on how you can attend (and RSVP), visit MuchMusic.com!

I will of course be there with my massive camera around my neck, taking pictures and video to share with all of you. We will likely do a special Degrassi Talks vlog from Toronto (our first one!) and I’ll have a full report from the event! I can’t wait to see some of you guys at the event – it is sure to be a blast. And for those of you who can’t come, at least there will be a live stream!!

Degrassi Takes Manhattan Premiere Photos

Here are all of my pictures from the Degrassi Takes Manhattan premiere in Toronto last night!! Everybody looked amazing and it was a fun time for everyone. Enjoy!

Much Music Premiere Party Update

Hey Degrassi Fans!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be going to the Much Music screening party this Friday in Toronto!! Myself plus Ashley and Kiley from two of our very own Degrassi Fan Blogs will be there together! I will of course be taking lots of pictures, chatting to the cast, and bringing you a full report of the entire event!

I’ll also be on Twitter the whole day, keeping you guys updated on everything that’s going on. So make sure that you Follow Me! I’ll try to tweet as much as possible.

Unfortunately the weather forecast is saying that it’s supposed to rain on Friday which is a bit of a problem for an outdoor premiere. If you are also going, make sure that you check MuchMusic.com on Friday for weather updates and any other important information.

EDIT: Looks like there is no longer rain in the forecast!