In Defense of… Tristan Milligan

This year I’m planning on doing an “In Defense Of” series in which I choose a Degrassi character who is controversial in the Degrassi fandom and write about why they are a great character. And who better to start with than Tristan Milligan? Tristan is a character who went through a lot during his time on Degrassi. He was always the kind of character that people had very strong feelings about, but since the end of Degrassi: Next Class I personally feel that the fan hatred towards Tristan has only intensified. A lot of people don’t like Tristan because of the way in which he lashes out at other characters. Hopefully this post will help to bring some compassion and understanding to people who feel like they can relate to Tristan.

As a little disclaimer, this post is not meant to shame or criticize anyone who doesn’t like Tristan. We all bring our own experiences and points of view when watching Degrassi, and therefore we all have different interpretations of the characters and storylines. I firmly believe that this is what makes Degrassi so beautiful.

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Season 11 Part 2 DVD Cover Art & Details

As most of you already know, the Degrassi Season 11 Part 2 DVD is going to be released in a months time on October 16th. Today we finally have the DVD cover art, thanks to!

The cover art, seen above, features Drew, Alli, Eli, Tori, Bianca, Zig, Imogen, and Tristan. It also mentions that the extras include deleted scenes, bloopers, behind the scenes, and webisodes.

You can pre-order the Season 11 Part 2 DVD on Amazon for $14.99.

Season 11 Part 2 DVD Information

The Degrassi Season 11 Part 1 DVD was released only a few months ago, but today we have information on when we can get our hands on Season 11 Part 2!

According to a listing on Amazon, Degrassi Season 11 Part 2 “New Beginnings” will be released on October 16, 2012!

The price is listed at $19.99, but if you buy from Amazon, you can get it for only $13.99! It is available for pre-order right now.

Unfortunately, Amazon has not added information about the special features or DVD cover art yet, but keep an eye out and hopefully we will get that soon!

Now Available: Degrassi Season 11 Part 1 DVD

The Degrassi Season 11 Part 1 DVD was released today! Try your luck at finding a copy in stores, or order it online on or

The 2-disc set includes the first 29 episodes of season 11 as well as special features such as deleted scenes, a set tour, and bloopers.

Screencaps: In the Cold Cold Night Part 2

For the last time this season, check out the screencaps for the season finale In the Cold Cold Night Part 2 in the gallery!

Screencaps: In the Cold Cold Night Part 1

Check out the screencaps for 11×44 In the Cold Cold Night Part 1 in the gallery!

TeenNick & Much Music Promos: In the Cold Cold Night Part 2

Check out the HQ version of TeenNick’s promo for next week’s season finale! It’s definitely going to be an exciting episode from the looks of this promo.

You can also check out a LQ version of Much Music’s promo right here on YouTube. Hopefully Much Music will upload a better quality version next week.

Screencaps: Hollaback Girl Part 2

Check out the screencaps for 11×43 Hollaback Girl Part 2 in the gallery!

TeenNick & Much Music Promos: In the Cold Cold Night Part 1

This Friday, part 1 of Degrassi’s season 11 finale (In the Cold Cold Night) will air on TeenNick & Much Music. As the second last episode of the season, this episode is highly anticipated. To make things better, we really don’t know very much in terms of storyline at all. Last night, TeenNick aired the above promo for the new episode. A HQ version of Much’s promo is not available yet. But you can watch LQ cam version right here!

What do you think will happen in the season finale?

Degrassi Season Finale Episode Summaries

There are only 3 episodes left from season 11, and the exciting 2-part finale is fast approaching! Not much is known about the last 2 episodes (“In a Cold Cold Night Part 1 & 2″) at this point. However these episode summaries seem to reveal that we could be looking at an anti-gay bullying storyline of some sort, and more Eclare drama. Thanks to Kyle at CableTVTalk for this information!

1144 – In the Cold of the Night, Part 1
When anti-gay slurs appear on several lockers, Simpson can’t find the culprit, so the students take matters into their own hands. A conflict between Alli and Eli puts Clare in a difficult position. Fiona embarks on her first-ever job search.

1145 – In the Cold of the Night, Part 2
Simpson institutes a peer mediation program to help resolve recent conflicts, but it gets off to a rough start. Clare is so overwhelmed by relationship, school, and family stress that she develops insomnia. Clare without sleep? This could get messy.