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Entertainment Weekly Writes About Degrassi. And Abortion.

Degrassi got a little plug in Entertainment Weekly when the magazine featured an article about how abortion is dealt with on TV. Click the image above to see the full size scan. The “special report” talks about how abortion is less controversial in TV land than it once was. They used Degrassi’s two abortion storylines (Erica on DH & Manny on TNG) as examples.

On a side note – in my opinion abortion is still a subject that is rarely discussed on television. Despite the high number of teen pregnancy storylines on TV today, there are still hardly any characters who actually get an abortion. Like this article mentions, there are a few characters on TV who consider abortion. But more often than not it is brushed aside by the next episode. The fact that 2 out of EW’s 8 examples are from Degrassi says a lot… JMHO.