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Stefan Brogren Weighs in on ‘Skins’ Controversy

Degrassi producer/director/actor Stefan Brogren was recently part of a panel discussion with The National Post talking about the controversy surrounding the North American remake of the hit British teen drama Skins. While the North American version is getting mixed reviews, the British version is definitely popular amongst Degrassi fans. Like Degrassi, Skins is known for pushing boundaries and dealing with difficult subject matter. However, with its debut on American soil, groups have called Skins “dangerous” and compared it to child pornography. Here is some of what Stefan had to say on the topic:

Stefan: I might be a little biased on this subject for a couple reasons. One: I really liked the U.K. version of the show. I think they pushed the subject matter in a way that teens respond to. Two: Samir Rehem, who directed several episodes of the U.S. Skins, also happens to be one of my best friends — so I have to like it. Three: I work on a show that has always tried to push the boundaries of teen television. Yeah, we like to show moral consequences. If one of our characters has sex, half the time they’re going to pay for it with a nice case of gonorrhea. But I can appreciate a teen show like Skins showing the ugly side of teendom — without consequences. Young audiences are smarter than we give them credit for … and I’m tired of Gossip Girl.

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