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Blog Love: Degrassi Tabloid

If you’re not reading Degrassi Tabloid yet – you don’t know what you’re missing!

Possibly the greatest addition to the Degrassi fandom in recent months, Degrassi Tabloid is a new Degrassi blog that literally makes up Degrassi news and posts it in hilarious ways.

Recent headlines include:
Golden-Voiced Ted Williams Responsible for Degrassi Meet & Greet Hoax
Degrassi’s John Bregar Celebrates Birthday…No One Cares
Luke Bilyk’s Brother Joins Cast of Degrassi; Bilyk Plots Show Takeover
Jordan Todosey Hits Rock Bottom, Begs Twitter for Followers

The blog has quickly become the highlight of my Degrassi day, as the sheer ridiculousness of it all has caused me to laugh out loud (literally) on numerous occasions. Hopefully Degrassi Tabloid continues to get more popular in our little Degrassi world. Bookmark it (if you haven’t already), and follow @DegrassiTabloid on Twitter!