Season 11 to Premiere July 18th: Much Music

Much Music needs to link their blog entries on the Degrassi page, because this was posted 3 days ago and I hadn’t even seen it yet!

According to Much Music, we now have a date for when season 11 will premiere: July 18th!! Start planning now everyone, because I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of premiere/meet and greet event around that time as well. Also, with 7 weeks of episodes, that means that we will likely see new episodes until Sept. 1st. Here is what Much Music had to say:

Do I even need to say anymore? Hell yeah I do! Not only is another season heading into production, but it’s returning this summer! And once again, Degrassi will air on Monday, and on Tuesday, and on – hell, all the days up to Thursday! Four nights a week…for SEVEN WEEKS LONG! And we can even tell you when it’s coming back: July 18th! Mark that date on your calendar from now!

No confirmation from TeenNick yet, but I think we can assume that the two networks will premiere new episodes at the same time as usual.

Read the full Much blog entry right here!