Alex Steele Returns to Degrassi

The rumours are true! Cassie Steele’s sister Alex Steele, who played Angela Jeremiah in early seasons of Degrassi: TNG is returning to Degrassi in season 11. However, she will be playing a new character named Tori.

For years, Degrassi fans have been discussing the idea of Alex returning to Degrassi (she is now 16 years old). But most people assumed that she would reprise her role as Joey Jeremiah’s daughter. A major problem, of course, was the fact that Pat Mastroianni was unlikely to return to the show. Now that Alex will be playing a new character, that problem has been avoided.

Tori’s parents have indulged her every whim with a stream of dance lessons, kid modeling jobs, and beauty pageants. Having never heard ‘no’ … Tori enters grade nine believing she’s the best at everything, according to Entertainment Weekly.

What do you think about Alex`s return to Degrassi? Are you disappointed she wont be playing Angie?