Lyle O’Donohoe Joins the Cast of Degrassi

A new article in Collingwood, Ontario’s local paper The Enterprise-Bulletin introduces us to one of the new cast members we will see in the second half of season 11.

Lyle O’Donohoe is joining the cast of Degrassi as a new grade 9 character named Tristan. The article describes Tristan as “loud, in your face and he doesn’t care if you find him annoying … Like many Degrassi divas before him, Tristan wants to direct the musical, plan the dances, and be at the top of the Power Squad pyramid.”

The character is apparently Owen Milligan’s younger brother. Given the fact that Owen is known as a homophobic bully type of character on Degrassi, it sounds like Tristan will be an interesting character.

According to Lyle himself, “Tristan is someone who is very confident within himself … I think he is going to be joining a lot of school clubs, stuff like that. I think his confidence may come off as a bit snobby sometimes.”

A self proclaimed fan of Lady Gaga, Andy Warhol, and Marilyn Monroe, Lyle’s personality shines through even in this short interview. The 16-year-old has apparently been watching Degrassi for a very long time. “Degrassi is a show I have dreamed of being on ever since I started acting,” said O’Donohoe. “I became obsessed with the show, I loved it so much and I thought it would be really cool to be on the show, but at the time I was only 10 … It was worth the wait.”

Welcome to the Degrassi family Lyle! Click here to read the complete article.