Season 12 News: Read Through, New Cast Members

As the last episodes of season 11 are airing on television, production for season 12 has just gotten underway. Today the cast had their first read through of the year. Thanks to Stephen Stohn, we have some new information about what we can expect next season.

Stephen tweeted a few pictures from the read through today, including the image above. He also tweeted the names of the first 4 episodes, which are as follows: Come As You Are Part 1 & 2 and Walking On Broken Glass Part 1 & 2.

But perhaps the most exciting info we got today was what appears to be the names of 3 new cast members. Stephen tweeted “welcome to Degrassi” to @dylanevz (Dylan Everett), @sarahfisher28 (Sarah Fisher), and @slsjoyette (Demetrius Joyette). It’s always great to see a new face. Welcome to the Degrassi family!