Degrassi Celebrates 300 Episodes

A big congratulations goes out to the entire cast and crew (past and present) of Degrassi, as the series is filming it’s 300th episode today. That is quite the milestone! Degrassi celebrated with this very original Degrassi-style cake, presented to executive producers Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn by Canadian TV host Ben Mulroney. Stephen clarified on Twitter that the two figures on top of the cake are him and Linda, with Mr. Simpson (Stefan) sitting on the front steps.

Stephen also pointed out on Twitter that Degrassi has now passed Beverley Hills, 90210 for most episodes of a television series. As well, Degrassi writer Matt Huether tweeted that Degrassi is 2nd only to The Simpsons for most episodes of active shows.

Way to go Degrassi! Here’s to another 300 episodes!