Sam Earle Says Goodbye to Degrassi

Over the years, Degrassi has had many characters leave the show for various reasons. Whether their characters graduated or just simply disappeared into the Degrassi Bermuda Triangle, saying goodbye to Degrassi cast members is not a unusual occurrence.

However, last night emotions were running high when KC Guthrie made a surprise departure from the show. In an emotional and surprising storyline, KC decides to move to Vancouver to protect himself and his mother from his father who was recently released from jail. Kudos to Degrassi for keeping this a secret, because I think it took a lot of fans by surprise.

Despite the fact that most people are sad to see KC go, it seems like a lot of people respect the decision and loved the storyline. Sam Earle being one of them.

After the episode aired last night, Sam tweeted that it was the writers’ decision, but “one that I totally respect and understand.” He also expressed thanks to the cast and crew of Degrassi, as well as the show’s fans:

Thank you for all your support and shenanigans. Degrassi was a fantastic, integral part of my life, and it has the best fanbase in the world … Fun fact: Stefan came to set from the hospital with a leaking appendix to film that scene. Actually amazing lmao, so much love! … Thank you guys for all the amazing messages! I’m blown away by the copious amounts of love you are all showering down upon me. … I wish we could all have a gigantic going-away dance party concert thing somewhere in a giant field at sundown. … Actually though. Nothing but love for all you awesome people! … But like also eff that x100 because working on the show was an amazing time.” – @Smearle_RH

Sam joined the cast of Degrassi in season 8 as one of the original ‘niner’ characters of the new generation. Throughout his 5 seasons on the show, his character has dealt with an abusive basketball coach, teen pregnancy, adoption, and family issues that ultimately led him to become the grown up, mature, compassionate person you saw in last night’s episode. He will be missed!