New Year, New Look, New Degrassi! Everything you need to know about Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix in 2016

Degrassi is back with a new network, new look, new cast and new drama!

Degrassians got a thrilling wake up call this morning when Netflix released the first trailer for Degrassi: Next Class. The trailer, which is approximately 1 minute in length, includes a ton of exciting new clips from the upcoming season. Netflix has geo-blocked the trailer, but Canadians can watch it on ET Canada’s Blog.

But it’s not all about the trailer. In addition to the trailer, new details on Degrassi: Next Class have been revealed. Here is a brief summary of everything that was announced today:

  • Degrassi: Next Class will premiere on Netflix on January 15 with the first 10 episodes available for streaming immediately.
  • There is no word from the Family Channel yet in terms of when Degrassi: Next Class will premiere in Canada…
  • Tomorrow Stefan Brogren will be on ET Canada to share his memories of Degrassi and “take us on a trip down memory lane.” Catch the interview at 7:30 p.m. ET on Global (or likely on YouTube right after…)
  • The trailer also revealed Degrassi’s new and improved logo. Thoughts?
  • It may have been the worst kept secret in Degrassi history, but the identities of the new cast members have finally been officially revealed. Joining the cast this season will be Jamie Bloch (as Yael Baron), Chelsea Clark (as Esme Song), Dante Scott (as Vijay Maraj), Soma Bhatia (as Goldi Nahir), and Amir Bageria (as Baaz Nahir). Check out today’s EW article for brief summaries of each new character.
  • The song used in the trailer is “Beautiful” by Austin Plaine. Listen to it here.

    As for me, it’s no secret that my real life has gotten in the way of this blog in recent years. However, my love for Degrassi is back in full force. Thanks to the fantastic writing in Seasons 13/14, I feel as though I have fallen in love with this show all over again. Degrassi: Next Class looks as though it will continue to build on the foundation that Degrassi has already built with this generation. And now that the writers and producers have a little more freedom to tell the stories that they want, I can’t wait to see the results on January 15th. I promise to do my best to stick around this season, and I’m really looking forward to enjoying Degrassi: Next Class with all of you.

    In the words of Paige Michalchuk, “New Year, New Look, New Paige Degrassi”