Family Channel Announces Degrassi: Next Class Premiere Date, New Teen Timeslot F2N, First 5 Minutes of Episode 1

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m still trying to catch my breath after today’s round of Degrassi: Next Class announcements!

It all started this morning when cast members Sara Waisglass, Ricardo Hoyos, and Stefan Brogren appeared on Toronto’s Breakfast Television to promote Degrassi’s upcoming season. It ended with a slew of new trailers, sneak peeks, opening credits, interviews and more!

In case you were at work or school and missed out on all the fun, here is an overview of everything Degrassi that was released today. Prepare yourselves because it’s all so unbelievably exciting that you may not be able to concentrate on anything other than Degrassi after this.

  • In a press release this morning, DHX media announced that Family Channel will be debuting a new nighttime block for teens called F2N. F2N will air Degrassi: Next Class as well as other series aimed at teenage audiences. Degrassians are encouraged to follow F2N on its various social media channels (TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube) for exclusive sneak peeks of Degrassi: Next Class.
  • Degrassi: Next Class will be premiering on Monday, January 4th on F2N in Canada, and new episodes will air EVERY NIGHT from Monday – Friday. This is excellent news for Canadian fans, who previously thought that Canada would be weeks or even months behind Netflix’s schedule. However, we can now confirm that the first 10 episodes of Degrassi: Next Class will premiere in Canada first.
  • As if that weren’t exciting enough, a series of new trailers and sneak peeks were also released today. Here is a complete list for your viewing pleasure:
    The First 5 Minutes of Episode 1 (includes the new opening credits) – Watch on
    Extended Trailer – Watch on // YouTube
    Degrassi: Next Class #NextAddiction – Watch on YouTube
    F2N Coming January 4 to Family – Watch on YouTube
    (I’m still trying to catch my breath)

  • Sara, Stefan and Ricardo all made an appearance on Breakfast Television this morning. You can watch their interview on or YouTube. They also participated in a fan Q&A where they even answered my question about what storyline they are most excited for us to see. Click here to check that out.
  • The Hollywood Reporter posted an article today which includes an interview with Degrassi co-creator and executive producer Linda Schuyler. In the interview, Linda talks about how Degrassi has changed over the years, but also how it has remained the same. Definitely worth a read!

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    1. I was blown away by the announcements, especially after a mellow hiatus. Nice tidbit about Dante Scott! I hope someone will capture that interview.

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