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Everything we know so far about the Degrassi: TNG Reunion at the ATX Television Festival

HUGE NEWS!! The producers and cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation will be participating in a panel at the Austin-based ATX Television Festival in June. Here is everything you need to know about the panel and how you can attend.

When is the panel?
The Degrassi panel will be on June 11, which is the first day of the Festival. It will be at 7:00pm CT (8:00pm EST). It is supposed to be 1 hour long. After it airs, it will be available until 2:00am CT the next day for festival goers (in case you’re not able to tune in live).

What is the Degrassi panel and who is participating?
The panel will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Degrassi: The Next Generation (TNG premiered in October 2001). It is presented by Tubi, which is one of the platforms where Degrassi: TNG is streaming.

As of now, the confirmed participants are Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Stefan Brogren, Jake Epstein, Aislinn Paul, Shane Kippel, Luke Bilyk, Lauren Collins, Munro Chambers, Daniel Clark, Andrea Lewis and Christina Schmidt.

During the panel, the panelists will discuss storylines and moments from the series, behind the scenes stories, and more.

Where is the panel taking place?
This year the ATX Festival is virtual. It will be hosted on Cinesend. Once you purchase a badge/pass, you will receive details on how you can create an account and login.

How can I attend and how much does it cost?
There are 3 ticketing options for the Festival this year:

  • Festival Badge – $150 – gets you access to the entire Festival
  • Day Pass – $25 – gets you access to all panels and screening on a specific day
  • Single Tickets – $12 – will be available for select events. It has been confirmed that Single Tickets will NOT be available for the Degrassi event.
  • The Festival Badge and Day Pass are available to purchase now! Keep in mind that even though the event is virtual, badges will sell out so you should purchase ASAP to guarantee your spot. Having a badge/pass also does not guarantee entry to the panel because they will only admit up to capacity! Hopefully because the event is virtual this won’t be an issue but you should plan your day accordingly.

    Note all prices are (obviously) in USD, but people outside of the US can purchase badges/passes.

    Will I be able to ask questions or interact with the cast one on one?
    The panel is being moderated by Louis Peitzman. Recently he put a call out on Twitter for questions, so you can send him any questions you have for the cast and crew.

    This post will be updated as more information becomes available!

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