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Stephen Stohn is Recording an Audiobook version of ‘Whatever It Takes’

Stephen Stohn revealed on Instagram today that he is recording an audiobook version of his memoir Whatever It Takes.

Whatever It Takes was published over 3 years ago (March 2018 to be exact). It’s very interesting that the audiobook is only coming out now, especially since things have changed in the Degrassi world so much since then.

Back in March of 2018, we still thought that Degrassi: Next Class Season 5 was possible. In fact, at the end of Stephen’s book, he mentions that they were working on a 5th season at the time. Obviously that is not the case anymore, so it will be interesting to see if this is addressed.

On Instagram, I asked Stephen if the audiobook was going to be exactly the same as the original book or if there will be any updates. He replied to say that the audiobook will be the same as the book, but that they are also going to release a podcast version with additional information.

Here’s hoping that this podcast answers some of the questions we’ve been wondering about (and have never received official answers on) about the very strange ending to Degrassi.

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