Degrassi Design Competition: Vote For Your Favourite Design!

Degrassi Online has partnered with Brüzer for an exciting competition that gives YOU the ability to have a say in the Degrassi merchandise. This past month we have been accepting your design ideas. To remind you – the winning design submission will inspire a new product, which will be added to the Degrassi online store powered by Brüzer. The winner will also receive a coupon for CAD$150 to spend in the official Degrassi on-line store. The Runner-up will receive a coupon of CAD$50 to spend in the official Degrassi on-line store.

The winners will be announced at the end of the month, but now it’s time for you to vote!!

After reviewing all of your submissions, we have narrowed it down to 10 finalists. Read each design idea carefully, and then use the poll to select your favourite design. All votes will be kept confidential, and you may only vote once.

You have until Monday, November 26, 2012 to vote! Thank you everyone for your participation!


1. Degrassi Cardigan by Amanda

The Degrassi Crest Cardigan. It’s casual and subtle way to share your degrassi pride, as if you attended the school yourself. The crest is the one shown in the previous DTG Logo put at the top left breast corner of a charcoal cardigan. It goes well with any outfit and is timeless due to how discreet and trendy the style.

2. Degrassi Lanyard by Ashley
We need some degrassi lanyards to wear around our necks, like the students did when they had uniforms and ID cards. Something simply blue and gold, with the school name and maybe the panther head.

3. Degrassi Sweatpants by Alysha

Today, everyone loves sweatpants. People go to school in them, relax in them, and you can never have enough. Sweatpants that come in black, grey, or dark blue, with either the words “Degrassi” or “Panthers” down the left or right side of the leg (all in capitals). Black and dark blue sw eatpants with white letters, and Grey sweatpants with darker letters. It can also have the Degrassi school logo near the top right of the pants. People could be advertising their favourite school everywhere, and it’s something easy for the cast and crew sport while on set, or out and about. Sorry for my paint version of my drawing…im a worse artist. Obviously I am open to flexibility on the material and other things. I was thinking along the lines of what high school “spirit wear” would look like. I kind of modeled this idea from my high school pants and university pants that i’ve seen people around campus wear. Make them comfy, make them bold and make them the best sweatpants around.

4. Degrassi Grade Polo by Lauren
I know a lot of fans want polos like the students wore before the ban was removed. I think it would be awesome if you sold each grade color polo with school logo.

5. Ice Hounds Jersey by Elisabeth
My design idea is to just replicate the Ice Hound team jerseys. They would be available in four designs. Like on the show, they would be in red with the black and white patterns and the Ice Hound logo on front. On the back, would be the name and number of one of the main players on the team (i.e. DALLAS 9, MILLIGAN 22, SAUNDERS 67, BAKER 7), or if Epitome prefers, one design with ‘DEGRASSI’ on the back and a number they find fit. It is a design that works for the male and female fans, and could even be used for a future halloween costume. It’s perfect for and Ice Hound fanatic, or puck bunny.

6. Degrassi iPhone Case by Samantha
The case could say Degrassi on it or it could be designed for each character on the show to their personality. The actors on the show could also make a design for a case.

7. Whatever It Takes Beach Towel by Danae

Stake out your tanning territory with the luxuriously plush Double Wide (72″Lx40″W) Degrassi beach towel. It comes in Degrassi Community School blue with gold border. it would have a the words “Whatever it takes” going across it in the style of the Degrassi logo. The logo would also be includ ed. If you were looking at the towel straight on the Degrassi logo would be in the top right corner. The back would essentially be a the backwards version of the front. 100% cotton. It could come in a small synched bag that is perfect for throwing your swim suit in as well. It would be the same blue and have only the Degrassi logo on it. The bag is optional. The towel can be sold completely on it’s own if that’s more of a possibility.

8. #Elismile by Isabelle
The shirt would be a uni-sex t-shirt. The shirt would be black background. On the back would be #elismile and it would be written in white, and the “i’s” from #elismile would be dotted with hearts. Also underneath that, there would be a cute little cartoon of his smile/grin. On the front, the shirt would feature nine portrayals of his signature smile. The nine pictures will be aligned 3×3 and each row horizontally will feature three examples from each season he has been on the show. The shirt would also have the logo of the show below the pictures and the picture in the middle would include Clare with Eli as he is still portraying the smile just to give a little bit of Eclare as well.

9. Degrassi Charm Bracelet by Ciarah

Degrassi is a show that’s always changing. It goes through many different characters and sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. Wouldn’t it be cool if a fan could have something that holds all of their favorite degrassi memories? With this, degrassi fans can stay current with the show. Keep selling charms in the store that are current to the show! Some examples are, the panther, morty (eli’s hearse), and the logo. Next, you might ask, “how do we stay current?” Well, with each season SOMETHING new is added. It might be a character or a possession of a character. You could do ship…such as eli and clare, drew and Bianca, etc. You could do sayings of characters. Example, Clare says to Eli, “Forever and Always.” Cute saying like that could be made into a charm. Okay, so we want this to sell. Well, I would suggest that the bracelets comes with at least 2-3 charms already. Maybe the logo and the panther. When people see all the other cute charms, they will be tempted to buy more! In conclusion, this is a good way for people to stay current with the show and express their love for degrassi in a fashionable way.

10. Degrassi Whatever It Takes T-Shirt by Jocelyn
I think the t-shirt should be simple and classic that will continue to represent the show & its fans. A white shirt with “Whatever It Takes” written in Black Helvetica Light which has lighter gray shadows under it. It should be centered on the shirt. Or in reverse colours (black w/ white text). And the back should have “Degrassi” written on the bottom in black thicker text.