Now or Never Finale.. Neither Now and Especially Never

So here’s a huge qualm of mine these days.. why is it that at the end of each “season” (which really isn’t, Now or Never is just a.. trimester? of Season 11) TeenNick and Much Music, mainly TeenNick, have to hype up some RIDICULOUS ending that NEVER HAPPENS?

Ratings, I get it. I fucking WORK in media buying.

And while yeah, it’s exciting to over-analyze every damn promo that both networks spit out at us, I have to FINALLY admit that it just screams sellout.

I guess that’s how it’s done to get ratings back on the top.

So no one gets shot.. not that I’m looking for someone to get killed off on the show, but it would make for some interesting turn of events. Instead Adam just get’s a flesh wound that he can impress all the transgender-friendly-females. Sad that it had to be him as a casualty of all of this.

Drew and Bianca, will I say it GASP, are actually growing on my. KuDOS to Luke and Alicia for a really nice performance in the alleyway before. It was one of those, holy shit I actually feel bad for the school whores type of moment that generated a smidge of sympathy.

Drew and Katie – No. Just no.

What I LOVED and thought writers actually did RIGHT was send off the seniors with some actual closure. Even Declan got some closure when he sent HJ flowers to her hospital bed. Ziley looks like they will eventually get their happy ending. Riley’s mom is finally accepting of her son. Anya got some closure with Owen. And Chantay FINALLY GRADUATES!

Looks like the Degrassi 6 year program actually WORKS!

No new Degrassi until next year. It looks like because Epitome is in full swing filming Highland Gardens with the incredible Cassie Steele. We have high hopes for this show but, really, I’m not putting too much investment in it. While it’s not a spin off, it will be in our eyes, and we all know how most spin offs end up.

We do, however, have this Halloween hour long ep that looks scary as shit. Let’s hope it’s better than those cheese webisodes from a few years back.

Until next time.


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New Characters

Hey there Degrassians. Long time no blog. I know. But there’s that thing called life. And a normal twenty-something year olds life can get a tad bit crazy. I am a city gal, afterall.

Figured I’d bring back a shorter type of blogging. Just probably things that spark my interest (expect a lengthy Kenna hate blog soon) and things that pop into my head that I think can make something worth writing down.

Since we are pretty much waist high in new episodes in Season 11, I figured I would bring the up the topic of NEW CHARACTERS. Yes, ladies and gents. New characters, particularly new DEGRASSI characters go through immense scrutiny. And by immense, I mean if we don’t like you, we’re going to rip your shit character to shreds and set that shit on fire. It’s become worse tenfold with the invention of that twitter thing. Because you know, now we can @ mention the fake twitter accounts all the love/hate we’d like without feeling bad.

Let’s take a look at the newbies:


Bio: Editor of the Degrassi Daily (newspaper) and the the new betch in town?

First couple of eps, I LOVED HER. It sounded like she was on the road to being betch!Paige/betch!Holly J but the thing that separates Katie from the betches is that at least Paige and Holly J were CONSISTENT betches. Katie right now, just seems like a straight up BITCH because we kinda sorta see a nice side to her when she can be straight up mean too. TRUE betches, like Paige and Holly J owned that shit and didn’t even bother with niceness (at first). There needs to be a new BETCH in town and if Katie wants to fill that void, she better be consistent with it.

Also, why is EVERYONE in love with her? First Adam now Drew? It’s only been like.. what 2 weeks? And I’m already somewhat over it.


Bio: Don’t know that much except he is musically inclined and funny.

This guy. THIS GUY. Now this guy has huge potential here. I love the fact that we’re using a “fat character” we haven’t really seen that since Terri and since Spinner lost all his baby fat. He has only appeared in last weeks episodes but you can tell they’re going to try and make him a likeable, funny guy. Which I get and totally dig. I can already see the serious plotlines coming his way but truthfully, let’s bring those back instead of the “who-is-seemingly-going-to-die-in-this-teennick-promo-when-in-fact-it-will-be-no-one-again”.


or maybe…


Bio: Crazy, lunatic, psychotic, DID I MENTION CRAZY?!

Ok now I know people in the Degrassi twitterverse have their moments. This one is mine. Imogen is ACTUALLY the craziest motherfucker that has ever jumped on this crazy train we call Degrassi. I’m talking Luna Lovegood crazy. She’s creepy, tries to be Clare to get with Eli, and just outright WEIRD. She is the kind of people that sit ALONE at the lunch table and NO ONE feels bad as to why because she’ll probably go all Swimfan on your ass and KILL YOU.

Main reason and to why she is now Public Enemy #1 (EVEN out throwning Jenna! CONGRATS ON BEING #2 JENNA!) is because she is a huge threat to Eclare. And while Eclare is on hiatus and I’m TEMPORARILY humoring Cake, anyone who ships Eclare and saw last week’s episodes know that it’s not over. Imogen, I believe will pull some crazy cards out and therefore, I am NOT a fan of.


Bio (I’ll put his twitter bio, since it’s an absolute #win): I like being outdoors. I like creating and building things.

Love the fact that he was eating his ENTIRE debut episode. I don’t exactly get the “lumberjack” thing. Maybe there’s more “lumberjacks” normally in Canada but here, no one would really take pride in being a “lumberjack” and all the plaid. Especially not the plaid. But despite his odd hobby’s, Jake is actually a pretty likeable character. He’s daring, uses his heart rather than his head and I think (FOR NOW) is good for Clare. FOR NOW. Justin Kelly is a pretty damn good actor too so I can see writers running with the kid with some good plots. Can we just get rid of the “lumberjack” image though? We’re not really buying it. Justin Kelly does NOT look like a guy who finagles with wood all day. Hehhhhhhhhhhhh…. I know, I’m 5.

Short blogs, for a short amount of time I get online. I like it. Let’s see how this goes.

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3rd Trimester of Season 10 Recap.. IN ONE POST!

Okay I know, I’ve been a horrible, horrible blogger. What can I say? I’ve been putting all my Degrassi allotted time into our amazing podcast. Degrassi Talks really has been a wonderful experience creating and if you haven’t listened to us yet, then you better click that link and start downloading! I guess my blogging has moved into a more verbal aspect as of late.

But I do like blogging for you all, I feel as if the podcast is definitely a shared space and this blog is all me. So I’m going to try and be diligent with this blog and keep it as updated as I can. I can’t let my readers down like that.

So, without further adieu.. I am going to bring you a recap of the episodes I have missed in the past few months.


Don’t worry Ziley, Greek mothers scare the living shit out of me too

Quick rundown: Ziley get caught macking it in Riley’s room when Riley’s Greek mother walks in. Riley’s mom ignores what happens. Riley tries to make it a little more obvious by sprawling issues of “Hunkz” magazine around. Riley’s mom continues to ignore. He brings it up to her face, she freaks the fuck out and forbids Riley to tell his father. Oh and there’s a part where they visit an art museum.

This storyline didn’t deserve the grand total of 3 scenes that it got. One because, anything that involves gay characters everyone automatically loves, me included. So to see one of the storylines that I was looking forward to seeing the most be cut so short was severely disappointing. I feel bad that Riley is TRYING to come out, which is huge leaps from where he was in the first part of the season, but his mom is just not having it. Love the scenes with the “Hunkz” magazine and even the art museum was good too. Nice to see that even though Riley isn’t “cultured” that Zane thinks he’s pretty awesome.

Sadie, you freakishly tall girl

Or Dave is just a midgit, your pick

Quick rundown: Dave asks new girl Sadie out. Turns out she’s a fucking giraffe. Shallow Dave rears his ugly head. And then everyone just turns shallow in the end.

There really wasn’t enough facetime to REALLY give Sadie an opinion. She’s kind of a toss up for me but she definitely put her about 3 steps behind when Sadie/Dave were judging Bianca when she was with Drew. Like who do you think you are judging people like that? Anywho, this plot was cute but of course it couldn’t be a Dave episode if he wasn’t being a shallow asshole. I’m just glad he’s getting some action from someone other than Wesley. PERSONALLY, I think Sadie should be with Wesley but I’m totally biased since I’m on the
Spencer/Alex team. =D

Little sisters are the pits

And yes, we do talk alot about ourselves, so STFU and GTFO

Quick rundown: Alli is swimming in pools and pools of self pity. Sav tries to be there for her but eventually snaps because she can’t get over her issues. Sav gets a new drummer in the form of Drew (and with Voldemort on bass). Alli runs away into the arms of JOHNNY FUCKING DIMARCO. #WINNING

As a little sister myself, I know what it’s like to be the annoying sister that Alli is being. I also know what it’s like to really rely on my older brother when our parents are being major assholes. I think this whole plot was done really well not only because it’s extremely relate-able to me but I think to most sibling dynamics. I thought it was nice of Sav to not snap sooner than he did but not shocked or surprised at all that he did. I feel bad for Alli but I am SUPER SUPER SUPER pumped that Johnny is back! I never really realized how much I loved Johnny up until I started realizing that most of the characters nowadays are annoying as shit. Welcome back Johnny, we’ve missed you.

Alchy Fiona is back at it again

I think Anya has officially passed on her “crazy” torch to FiFi

Quick rundown: Adam and Fiona are officially Fadam. Fiona turns to the drink to make it “easier” to be with Adam. Adam is in denial that her perfect princess is an alchy. Fiona voms. Intervention steps in and Fiona is off to rehab, Lohan style.

I think I was just kidding myself into thinking that I was looking forward to Fadam. I really wasn’t probably because I knew it was just going to be awkward and over in an episode. Which I pretty much nailed on the head. Fiona is clearly a lesbian and in my opinion, that page that Holly J took from Fiona’s diary? SOO not directed toward Adam but towards Holly J. Thanks teennick, for giving away ANOTHER plot in your promos.

As if this shit could really have been avoided..

No seriously, just shoot me in the fucking face

Quick rundown: Complete and utter garbage.

If you’ve heard the podcasts or any of my previous blogs everyone pretty much knows my severe HATRED for anything Kenna. I’ve officially stopped commenting on Kenna in the podcasts because it just turns into an outright raging hatefest. But I just do want to mention that these subplots they’ve been getting have been the most ridiculous plots I have ever seen in Degrassi history. At this point, no one really gives a shit about their pregnancy or KC’s daddy issues or Jenna’s cravings. Just pop the baby out and let us know what happens. I REALLY wonder how Sam Earle must feel to know that his character has gone from being around the top of everyone’s favorite lists to one of THE most annoying characters on the show.

And I throw up in my mouth a little every time Jenna calls KC “Big Daddy”. Ughhhhhhh.

Can Anya stop chasing penis please?

I mean I know it’s great and all..

Quick rundown: Anya’s mom is cancer free! HOORAY! Anya starts dating Dr. Chris who thinks she’s 20. Mother puts a kibosh on the whole relationship.

While I know I said Anya has passed her Crazy Crown over to Fiona, I still think Anya might still have the Crazy Baton in her possession. The one thing that really annoyed me was when Dr. Chris told them that she was cancer free, which is supposed to be happy? But Anya puts on a fucking SAD FACE because she knows she won’t see Dr. Chris anymore. Which makes me think that Anya would rather let her mother have cancer just so she can keep on seeing Dr. Chris. Horrible right? I know, but that’s the feeling that I got from that scene. At this point, Anya just needs to get off the show and live in crazy town aka the Degrassi Bermuda Triangle.

Eclare, the ticking time bomb

There ARE no happily ever afters on Degrassi

Quick rundown: Fitzy’s back but with Jesus on his shoulder. Eli doesn’t want him to come near Clare because he wants to protect her. Clare forgives Fitz but doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Fitz creepily stops by Clare’s house to basically declare his “connection” with her or whatever. Eli looks like he’s going off the deep end.

I don’t know if it’s just because JEC (and I’m sorry) can’t act for shit or if that was what they were trying to go for but I just cannot tell if Fitz is sincere in the whole Jesus thing. My gut tells me that yeah, he’s reformed but I still just cannot wrap my head around it because it’s just not convincing. And I feel bad that JEC even has scenes with Munro because Munro has SERIOUS acting chops. You know he’s just THAT good when you get chills up your spine because you know Eli is going slightly crazy. Pretty sure this is all lead up to the Julia episode and I really think Eli’s issues are really going to come through.

My GOD I love Eclare <3

And that’s all she wrote kiddos! Like I said I’m definitely going to try and be more productive on the blogging side. This season is closing out to be one of the best yet and there definitely won’t be a shortage of things to blog about!

Until next time <3

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And we proudly present.. *drumroll* DEGRASSI TALKS!

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their Holiday season. I know I am! Family, food, presents, and about 2 and a half feet of snow covering the NYC area! It’s definitely been relaxing to say the least. Degrassi-land has been a bit quiet these days. Nothing really new and exciting..

until now..

Erin, owner of, along with her network of bloggers have come together to bring a side project to life, hopefully making your Degrassi-less days a little more bearable. We’ve created a podcast series called Degrassi Talks. We plan on covering a HUGE array of topics in the Degrassi-verse. Storylines, predictions, the latest news, and so on. We even hope to bring you maybe some special guests onto the show! You just never know what is going to go on in Degrassi Talks, so you better tune in and listen.

Episode 1: Degrassi in India 12/27/10

Now, we just want oneeee little thing from you guys.. FEEDBACK. This is definitely a work in progress for us “podcasters” (hehe) so let us know what you like/don’t like about it. Feel free to pop me an email at timeless_dreamer @ or tweet me @DegrassiDish

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