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Now or Never Finale.. Neither Now and Especially Never

So here’s a huge qualm of mine these days.. why is it that at the end of each “season” (which really isn’t, Now or Never is just a.. trimester? of Season 11) TeenNick and Much Music, mainly TeenNick, have to … Continue reading

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New Characters

Hey there Degrassians. Long time no blog. I know. But there’s that thing called life. And a normal twenty-something year olds life can get a tad bit crazy. I am a city gal, afterall. Figured I’d bring back a shorter … Continue reading

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3rd Trimester of Season 10 Recap.. IN ONE POST!

Okay I know, I’ve been a horrible, horrible blogger. What can I say? I’ve been putting all my Degrassi allotted time into our amazing podcast. Degrassi Talks really has been a wonderful experience creating and if you haven’t listened to … Continue reading

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And we proudly present.. *drumroll* DEGRASSI TALKS!

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their Holiday season. I know I am! Family, food, presents, and about 2 and a half feet of snow covering the NYC area! It’s definitely been relaxing to say the least. Degrassi-land has been … Continue reading

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