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3rd Trimester of Season 10 Recap.. IN ONE POST!

Okay I know, I’ve been a horrible, horrible blogger. What can I say? I’ve been putting all my Degrassi allotted time into our amazing podcast. Degrassi Talks really has been a wonderful experience creating and if you haven’t listened to … Continue reading

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Mid-season predictions. Because we all need the satisfaction of “OH YEAH, TOTES CALLED THAT”

Hey all! How’s everyone doing during their post-telenovela Degrassi run? Who knew 6 weeks could go by so fast and a mere 4 weeks go SO fucking slow! The wait is killer but I do think we’re waiting for a … Continue reading

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Degrassi Boiling Points – Week 2

Hey there Degrassi lovers. Intense week to say the least and it’s only week 2! Gah, I love this shit. **Spoilers below! No reading if you’re not caught up to the latest and greatest** We start off this week with … Continue reading

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