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Jenna I hatehatehatehatehate you. “Halo Pt. 1″ Airdate: 11/12/10

Going from a really great ep like Umbrella pt 2 to this episode where all I wanted was to throw shit at the television, was a pretty big change. Expected though considering I knew from the promos that the main … Continue reading

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Eli is not-so-perfect, Wesley is a class act, Drew is not so douchy? “Umbrella Pt. 2″ Airdate: 11/2/10

Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove this episode. I don’t think I’ve liked all plots in an episode in a long time and all were very well done and pretty significant for episodes to come. Let’s see how this all lays out. Eclare, cutest couple … Continue reading

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Eli. Clare. Doing It. “Umbrella” Part 1 Airdate: 10/29/10

This weeks episode was definitely interesting to say the least. There’s a couple or triangle? forming that I did not see coming. Clare is going through the usual cycle of a divorce which is to basically question EVERYTHING she believes … Continue reading

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Holly J cries rape. Goodbye Landon? =( Eclare is back! “Love Lockdown” Airdate: 8/15/10 & 8/22/10

Anyone really hate half hour episodes every week? It’s really a killer since we’ve been exposed to half hour episodes FOUR TIMES A WEEK. We’re spoiled, we have a right to complain. Anyhoo. LANDON IS BACK. God did I miss … Continue reading

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