Oh twitter, oh twitter, how I love thee.

So as you all know, or maybe those who don’t have a twitter, I’m constantly twittering about Degrassi things. It’s fun tweeting during the show because you get some realtime reactions to what happens during the show. It helps me remember what went on and my specific reaction to something that happened so that I can blog about it to you fine folks.

It’s a great way to get in contact with the VERY appreciative talent on the show. There are plenty of regulars on the show that tweet to fans, share pics, etc. making us feel almost at home with these people, like we know them on a more personal level. How many actors on a national television show (besides shitty reality stars) can you say do that?

It’s also a great way for us fans to voice our opinions and for the people who actually CREATE the show, to listen. And THEY are even more interactive than the actors. Take this AWESOME tweet from dear Stephen Stohn (on my personal twitter) whom I thanked for naming a Degrassi character after me:

I still think it was fate since we’ve met. Amazing man.

Even more so, the amazing Abby Ho, from the Digital & Emerging Media department over at Epitome, who is an avid twitter-er, makes the amazing effort to reach out to blogs and fansites about new Degrassi information. Now if I wasn’t such an ASS, I probably would have been the first to let you all know about the Degrassi characters twitter accounts because Abby was kind enough to share the information with me. Some advice kiddies, just let all the porn, penis enhancing, and pfishing emails through, you might miss some REALLY IMPORTANT EMAILS. And I mean REALLY important. Like so important, who really gives a fuck about the safety of your computer, or personal information.

A week late! But better late than never! As you all know already Degrassi characters all have twitters and are now tweeting LIVE. Most will tweet related to the current episode or even tweet pics and things. Eli has already posted a pic of his HEARSE (HA!! I was right!!)

Official Character Degrassi Twitter Accounts


@HeatherDegrassi (aka HEATHER POULETTE- she is a secret gossip girl character that attends Degrassi- you won’t see her on tv, but you will hear her mentioned)
@FifiCoyne – FIONA
@TheHollyJ – HOLLY J
@RockstarSav - SAV
@QBRiley – RILEY
@DrewTheOne – DREW
@SongbirdJM – JENNA
@KCDegrassi – KC
@TrueClare – CLARE
@FunAdam -ADAM
@HeartAlli – ALLI
@TheZanePark – ZANE

There you have it kids. I know it’s really fucking awkward to tweet fictional characters but it’s a great way to get your frustrations out. Just take a look at all of my tweets to Jenna. Can you tell I REALLY don’t like Jenna? Ha.

Now that I’m thinking about it, these Character Twitters kind of remind me back when the characters had “locker” blogs on Degrassi.tv! Anyone even remember those???

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