Degrassi 24/7 ON YOUR PHONE? New Twitter-ers to the list!

Hey there lovlies. Had the most WONDERFUL chat this morning at work with the lovely Abby Ho of Epitome Studios. So nice to see that even though probably next to no one reads my ramblings about a teenage melodrama, that important people are reading and are super appreciative. Just makes me want to blog all the more and spread the Degrassi love all over the place.

Exciting news straight from Abby herself, is that there will be a Degrassi MOBLE APP coming out in the next 1-2 months. How exciting! Not too sure on the specifics on the app but really, if it’s Degrassi related, that shits gotta be fucking cool.

Also, the final list of Official Degrassi Characters Twitters!

Adam @FunAdam
Alli @heartAlli
Anya @AnyaMacP
Bianca @BeeDeSousa
Chantay @ChantayBlack
Clare @TrueClare
Connor @ConnorDeLaurier
Dave @DavesDegrassi
Declan @CoyneDeclan
Drew @DrewTheOne
Eli @RealEli
Fiona @fificoyne
Fitz @Fitz4Life
Holly J @thehollyj
Jenna @songbirdJM
KC @KCdegrassi
Owen @OwenMill
Riley @QBriley
Sav @rockstarsav
Wesley @WesleyBetenkamp
Zane @TheZanePark

I don’t know about you but I can’t help but tweet fictional characters.

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