Boiling Points – Week 3

Hey there Degrassi fans! My recap for last week is coinciding with this weeks episodes because I’ve just been a busy little beaver here over in NYC. Tough life being this thing called an adult. Besides, who has time to blog when you’ve been up all night video chatting with AJ Saudin?

THAT story will take place another day, but for right now lets get to the scoop.

Basically Week 3 was filled with drama starting with Sav’s parents who are being typical over-protective Indian parents and not letting Sav go anywhere, ESPECIALLY to the Dead Hands concert who sing some shit about paisley jackets that Sav/Eli/Adam/and Bianca eventually get to by coming up with a plot to “borrow” his father’s car but that ship quickly sinks when he gets pulled over for speeding but really for grand theft auto being that his father reported the car stolen which starts the whole getting involved with the police theme this week when Eli tricks Fitz into thinking that a fake ID is legit when it’s with a name of a convicted criminal putting their “battle” at a somewhat stalemate at the moment which is good considering Jenna is SHITTING ALL OVER HERSELF BECAUSE SHE’S FAT, not like Declan would ever tap that because him and Holly J are officially dunzo after he tries to legit buy her everything making her feel like some cheap skank like Fiona’s “pet” Porcelina aka Jen.. I mean a pig.

Two words, one girl. Jenna. ANAL LEAKAGE.

Not a fucking lie. ANAL LEAKAGE.

I just want to start off saying how yes, this is a legit issue with fat pills. See the back of those “Alli” diet pills. THE FUCKING BOTTLE TELLS YOU TO WEAR DARK PANTS IN CASE OF ANAL LEAKAGE. Seriously, this couldn’t have happened to a better character being that I still 100% absolutely loath Jenna. Yeah diet pills are wrong, diet pills aren’t a smart idea, yaddi yaddi yadda. A monkey knows that, but apparently not Jenna. What made me vom in my mouth, however, was the gross exchange between Kenna RIGHT after she shit her pants. Good for a boyfriend not wanting his girlfriend to be some toothpick, but really, Kenna is just absolutely nauseating and that single scene will always and forever NOT make me a Kenna fan ever. This is going even beyond the fact that I like Kclare or the very known fact that I hate Jenna. Jenna, from day one, has left a sour taste in my mouth in the way her character is developing. It’s very superficial and lacks some serious depth that next to one one can relate to. It’s pretty clear across the board, that Jenna isn’t a fan by many and not just by me.

Sav, Degrassi’s new Yoda

So I might almost get us carded to jail but thank you for still looking up to me.

Start a band, GET LAID.

Sav was pretty much a seemingly badass this week, except for when he gets arrested for jacking his own fathers car, and practically speeds home because he just couldn’t miss his “Paisley Jacket” song. Besides the fact that he got reamed out by his parents, it was interesting to see the dynamic of Sav/Eli/Adam as well as Sav/Three Tenners in Dave’s diva plot. It’s nice to see that he’s almost paying it forward from when he was a young grasshopper and trying to make it on his own in high school. He’s become a mentor of sorts, really making the win of his school presidency all the more legit when we all thought he was going to suck balls at it. Good to see that he can be someone else’s voice of reason when he can’t even be the voice of reason for himself.

A side note: The Three Tenners song is actually pretty baller. More baller than any Studz song.

Dolly J are dunzo, like we didn’t see that one coming..

Chantay, you are the biggest fucking creeper on this show. Plz graduate. Kthx.

This plot was actually kind of interesting being that no one on the history of this show was as ever as well-off as Declan and Fiona. So to see a relationship build itself as well as basically destroy itself around money, is new. I definitely don’t blame Holly J for breaking it off. I’d feel like some cheap slut too. Declan was being somewhat of an ass even though his intentions were PROBABLY honorable. I stress the probably because, really, who that rich can be 100% honorable? Not that many. But I lean towards the good in him being that he’s never put Holly J in any kind of compromising situation before this.

My main concern in this? WHERE’S LANDON?! He’s been WAY too MIA this season being that we’re getting a new episode 4x a week. They better bring him back asap and not keep him in NY..

Oh Eli, how you tease us all.

You say creepy, I say HOT

No really, I probably shouldn’t think that a twenty year old is cute but I really can’t help it..

Anyway, I really enjoyed this one and NO not just because of Eli but because it was just plain GENUIS. If this isn’t setup for something huge, like oh say, the LOCKDOWN? Then I don’t know what is. What this really brings into light is the whole “mental stability” of Eli. Yes, not many would react this way to a guy like Fitz and his form of bullying but I highly doubt that this questions his mental stability. How about that he’s just sticking up for himself and making sure it doesn’t happen again?

There you have it kids. A little short this week but that’s just because I’m a little behind. Got to chat with some of you guys when I video-chatted with AJ last night and I’m so glad I have THE greatest readers/followers in the world! Really means a lot and I truly do all of this for you guys. So thanks for the support and keep the Degrassi lovin’ going strong!

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