Boiling Points – Week 5

Hey there Degrassi fans! Guess who’s back and ready for the FINAL WEEK of Boiling Points! Sorry for being all MIA this week, had a fun-filled family vacation out in Orlando, Florida. You know, park hopping with Mickey, being a wizard in the new Harry Potter world, the usual. But I’m back and FINALLY caught up on this weeks episodes. What kind of timeshare complex doesn’t have a functioning wifi?!

Run-On Sentence Recap (because yeah, we need a refresher.)

So Jenna’s pregnant, like we really didn’t see that one coming, with KC being the baby daddy he’s all good and supportive until Jenna says she doesn’t want/can’t have an abortion because she’s already 5 months in which in turn KC gives her the shaft and basically leaves her alone which is basically what Connor is at the end of the day when LoveQueen16 turns out to be a huge fucking pervert which is what Anya becomes when she thinks of Dr. Chris whom Riley is also crushing on but that goes out the window when that asian sensation Zane comes into the picture and basically forgives him for his pigheadedness towards Owen all the while ECLARE IS BEING THE MOST BADASS COUPLE DEGRASSI’S EVER SEEN.

Eclare. Kiss. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Heart. Attack.

I can’t even think of a time when there was this much hype over a Degrassi couple. Maybe since Palex? Semma always had a huge fanbase, but I think the Eclare camp might be trumping them all. I lovelovelove how this all played out this week. Clare finally finds the courage to be all “wtf Eli, do you like me or not?” and he basically drops the bomb that he killed his girlfriend Julie, after they got into a fight, stormed away on her bike angry, and got hit by a car. Eli is torn inside asking himself why he should get to be happy when he knows he indirectly caused the death of someone he loved.

The whole relationship is now taken on a totally different level. This didn’t happen years ago, it only happened a year ago. Who’s to say Eli is even ready for another girlfriend, but we already know that he just can’t help fight his feelings for Clare. It sucks that they’re not together at the end of the episode, but it just leaves room for so much potential for their relationship to grow into something great. Their relationship isn’t contrived or something to just be rushed into. I’d much rather writers take their time in having them be “official” to really solidify their relationship. I am SO SO SO excited to see what happens next to Eclare!

Jenna’s eggo is preggo.

Yup, Kenna would be that idiot couple that doesn’t use protection.

We can all thank Jessica Tyler for basically giving this one away. As if I didn’t like Jenna and KC enough, the fact that we knew the spoiler from not even reading spoilers makes me feel even less sympathetic than I should. I know I know, I’m a cold-hearted bitch. I did ALMOST feel bad for Jenna because KC is that much of a fucking prick to man up for his own mistakes. All the respect I had for KC, because they did introduce him to being the “bad-boy-but-not-really-that-bad”, has completely been tossed out the window. Fuck the idea of Klare getting back together, I thought they were really going to be my new Semma, but KC is the scum of the earth to me and I really hope that Clare doesn’t go anywhere NEAR KC anymore. Unless she tries to “save” him from the downward spiral he’s headed towards. Kudos to Sam Earle even though I hate his character now and I’m almost positive him and Jessica Tyler are dating in rl, he never fails to put on a good performance on KC’s angst.

Zane, you are my hero.

I don’t care you look like a character from Dragon Ball-Z, you are THE man.

Riley who? From my perspective, this week wasn’t about Riley. It was ALL about Zane. I love how he really challenges Riley to see the right instead of all the wrong that Riley does. I mean really, all of Riley’s reactions are nothing but destructive since day one. Zane is the perfect guy to finally straighten him out. Although, if I were Zane, I don’t think I’d give Riley so many chances as he has being that he was the target of bullying at Riley’s fault.

A good part of the storyline was Riley’s interactions with his VERY Greek mother. As if Marco and dealing with Italian families wasn’t bad enough, I think they did a good job in choosing another another culture where homosexuals are not welcome with the religion. I just wish he just did it and told his mother about it. Coming out to the parentals has been done before with Marco so I’m happy they’re not pushing that card into the spotlight.

Geeks will be.. well.. geeks!

Connor, oh Connor.. sometimes the smart kid ain’t so smart. Then again, having the social disease of Aspbergers can somewhat conflict with that. I had almost forgot that he even had it. LoveQueen16 is really fucking creepy though. I’m almost afraid that she’s going to come back and almost stalk poor Connor. I really hope not!

Wesley is really just that typical geek that every high school has. I love how he takes notes from Drew on how to be cool and he basically ends up being no help whatsoever. His crush on Anya is so painstakingly real on so many levels that you just can’t help but root for Wesley. And why the fuck does he have 2 casts on both arms?

The final week of Boiling Points is upon us! It’s going to be SUPER FUCKING HARD to deal with this over a month long hiatus from new episodes, let alone having an episode every week. Let’s make this one count, I know Degrassi won’t let us down. Till next time. <3

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