Mid-season predictions. Because we all need the satisfaction of “OH YEAH, TOTES CALLED THAT”

Hey all! How’s everyone doing during their post-telenovela Degrassi run? Who knew 6 weeks could go by so fast and a mere 4 weeks go SO fucking slow! The wait is killer but I do think we’re waiting for a pretty good second half of Season 10. With so much material to work with and so many ways storylines can go, it’s only natural for us to think of our own predictions of how it’s going to go down. So, in lieu of weekly recaps and random postings, I’m going to give you my own personal predictions based off of the first half of the season and what we can presume is going to happen from promos, tweets from the cast, etc.

To catch up, here’s the promos so far for the new season:
Much Music Promo
TeenNick Promo 1
TeenNick Promo 2

Eclare. Yeah we know this is going to get fucked up soon.

Technically at the end of All Falls Down pt. 2 they were left off as a non-couple after Clare basically says “Get your shit together otherwise we can’t be together” to Eli after he admits to his ridiculous reasoning for almost getting himself and Clare stabbed by the fucked up Fitz (don’t even get me fucking started). Promos do indicate that they continue to have a good amount of scenes together BUT those scenes together aren’t exactly the happiest or the most sane-est of scenes. 2 times they both look completely distraught in 2 totally different scenes (the one where Clare is running down a hallway crying with Eli running after her, and the other where Eli looks like he’s FLIPPING the fuck out over an English essay). Not exactly what we were hoping for in our happy Eclare ending? Like they were going to make it THAT easy. Hmph.

Final prediction: I think this half is really going to be what Clare wanted, for Eli to get his act together. In the process he looks like he almost loses it, which scares the CRAP out of me considering he’s the greatest Degrassi character to come along since Craig post-bipolar. Clare I think “finds” herself in the process too. Without a doubt her parents are getting divorced and this will completely destroy her but make her stronger in the end. I do think they will end up “officially” together at the end of the Season after all their struggle.

SavvyJ. Back it up Sav, Hurricane Declan is coming. xoxo.

It’s been confirmed by Epitome that there will DEFINITELY be more Landon this half of the season. He was apparently not around due to scheduling conflicts with a movie he was filming. He’s back, THANK GOD, I missed those eyes, and looking like he causes a whole bunch of drama. The one clip of him kissing Holly J’s shoulder makes me think he does something to get her “back” even though Savvy J isn’t technically official. Can I just add how creepy Declan looks kissing Holly J’s shoulder like that?

Final prediction: Love triangle between Sav/Holly J/Declan. MAYBE possibly a love square being that I think Anya will get in the mix of this. In addition to Declan being extra creepy, I think that Holly J is actually legit CREEPED out herself. Not at him, obviously, but more like “wtf is this guy doing to me?” type creeped.

Alli and Bianca. Violence is always the answer with these two.

It all started with Bianca bringing Drew to the Boiler Room which is just PRIME reasons to start a bitch fight. And we definitely see some bitch fights happening between these two in a promo. One clip looks like Bianca legit punches the girl smack in the face and another looks like Alli shoves her in a few desks. Another clip shows Alli getting her ass handed to her in evil stares by her father and even of her asking if she should leave Degrassi. Shit must get pretty bad on her end.

Final prediction: Alli transfers out of Degrassi. We know Melinda Shankar has announced that she wasn’t going to be around for a better part of filming this season because of How To Be Indie. So I think she goes a little crazy, get’s her crazy frustrations out on Bianca and her parents end up shipping her out of Degrassi. Pretty sure she will be back, How To Be Indie doesn’t film for that long from my understanding.

Jenna. Keep it, abort it, leave it.

Talk about your sick version of “Fuck, Marry or Kill”. It’s basically the question Jessica Tyler asked her fans via her twitter. So what will Jenna do? Looks like her and KC talk in one clip in the promos. She actually looks pretty fucking disgusted at him and rightfully so. In fact, it even looks like KC’s mom looks pretty disgusted with him too so maybe she intervenes? As for Jenna and Next Teen Star? Ehhhhhhhh.. still iffy on that one..

Final prediction: I’ve been going back and forth between this because we’ve seen it all in Degrassi-land. Liberty gave it up, Mia kept it, Manny aborted it. In the end I think she wants to keep it, but ends up miscarrying. I think she wins Next Teen Star and leaves the show, but I think I’m biased being that I just want Jenna off of the show. Ugh, if only.

Dave grows some balls..

Final prediction: .. and apparently tazer’s a motherfucker.

In short, THIS SEASON’S GOING TO BE PANDEMIC. No seriously. I have a feeling this is going to be a good one. Only 20 more days to go all! I know we can stick this out. In the meantime, catch me on twitter, I’m getting close to that 1,000 mark! Thanks to all who have been so supportive these past few months!


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