Ever wonder what the sound of speed sounds like?

If you’re one of those bigger Degrassi fans, you know, the ones that actually do some online research of the actors instead of referring to them by their Degrassi character name.

"OMAGHHHHH! It's Emma! And Holly J! And the new girl!"

And if you’re not one of the above you probably know of Soundspeed, the real life Studz consisting of Shane Kipple, Ray Ablack, Dalmar Abuzeid, Jamie Johnston, Scott Paterson, and some guy named Sean Farquharson. They apparently had enough musical talents on the show to make a real band with some music. I may be biased but their stuff doesn’t sound half bad if you’re into the grungy rock stuff.

Lock up your daughters, The Stu... I mean Soundspeed is here.

Yesterday they had a show up in Canada where they invited all fans in the area to come out. Probably the one time I wish I was a beaver. Degrassi stars Tweeted about going too. Imagine just chilling watching a band, beer in hand, chatting next to Adamo and Lauren? Awesome. It’s cool to see the stars were open about going, even with the threat of a fangirl riot that could have ensued.

Fortunately for the non-igloo people, Stefan Brogren tweeted a ton of pictures so that we could be there in spirit. I’ve posted some below for you, the rest can be seen on his Twitter.

Trumpet? NOICE

You know one of them wanted to touch Shane Kipple inappropriately..

Is it me or does Michael Seater look like a huge creeper in this pic?


So ladies and ‘gents, did you go? Were you one of the lucky beavers that went? Got a funny story, pics, or video to share? Let me know! I’ll post it right here.

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