Alli leaves, Jenna loses. Don’t Let Me Get Me. Airdate: 10/8/10

This is going to be a quicky considering this is already old fucking news. This is just for those who love my snark considering there will be alot with my hated towards Jenna.

Thank God Alli actually had a reason she was leaving instead of her just randomly disappearing into the Degrassi Bermuda Triangle.. like Peter.

This is probably because Alli is coming back. Can we just side track to Peter for a hot second? There was essentially a lot of plot invested in this character (maybe not essentially GOOD plot, but a lot nonetheless) and they just kind of phased Peter out as a non-ambitious non-college shmuck who works at The Dot? For all we know, he got back into meth and flew to France to try and get Mia back from her whoring life as a model. Whatever, Peter was never a favorite, but he certainly wasn’t hated enough to not know where the fuck he ends up in life.

I digress. Back to Alli..

So we knew she was going to inevitably leave, definitely no shocker there. The best part of this plot HAD to be the cat fight. One of the lamer ones in the run of Degrassi:TNG but still hilarious. I love how Alli’s first thought to hurt Bianca is to throw a STACK OF PAPERS at her. Because those lump of papers was really going to do SO much damage. Then she proceeds to throw a waste basket at her. lmao That’s about when I nearly spit out what I was drinking and ultimately concluded that Alli is a fucking wimp. While Bianca won that fight, she would get her ass handed to her by Alex.

I’ll admit it, I cried at the end when Alli was leaving. Really great stuff from Aislinn Paul and Melinda Shankar.

Jenna lost. HAHA. Go home.

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand how KC is not going to have any involvement with this baby? Usually when a deadbeat, trash father doesn’t want to be involved in a kid’s life, usually they’re not teenagers going through high school together, but in some trailer trash slum. It’s not like he can pass Jenna in the hallway and just pretend that she doesn’t have his kid at home.

So did I FINALLY feel bad for Jenna? She lost Next Teen Star, her brother who is another one with no ambition in life, just got cut back hours at his job, and she’s still pregnant. So do I feel bad? HELLLLLLLL NO. What kind of fantasy world is the girl living in?!? Did she think that she was actually going to WIN Next Teen Star? I don’t know how it works in Canada, but usually a blond chick with an acoustic guitar doesn’t exactly cut it (and fyi, Taylor Swift actually has a smidge of TALENT, if that’s what you’re thinking).

It’s just hard trying to find anything redeeming about this character since it was never built up for fans to actually like. She strolls in Degrassi with a guitar and just starts singing cheesy shit, stealing people’s boyfriends, and being irresponsible enough to get pregnant. And are they actually TRYING to make her more white trash with the last name “Middleton”?

Jenna, you will never make the cut. Please go home. Kthxbi.

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