Jenna I hatehatehatehatehate you. “Halo Pt. 1″ Airdate: 11/12/10

Going from a really great ep like Umbrella pt 2 to this episode where all I wanted was to throw shit at the television, was a pretty big change. Expected though considering I knew from the promos that the main plot was going to revolve around Jenna. And we all know how much I LOVE Jenna.


What Jenna wants KC back? Vom. What Jenna wants Sav? Vom.


As if Kenna didn’t nauseate me enough, Savenna just pretty much tops the cake. KC, first off, is still in love with Jenna. For reasons which are pretty much beyond us all. I don’t understand where the change of heart happened here. He dumps her and his impending baby because he’s obviously not ready to be a father and now he’s in love with her again? Did the father thing just escape his mind? It’s not like he’s going to wake up one day and the baby’s not going to be there.

The Savenna thing, which completely blindsided pretty much everyone isn’t really even thinkable. What is Jenna thinking? She decides that the first guy who is nice to her after KC is going to be a suitable FATHER for her baby? And then therefore KISSES Sav and tries to pull her boyfriend stealing tactics and even tries to stand up to Holly J?!?!?!???!??!?!?!?!?! This bitch is fucking crazy!

Two places Jenna really creeped me the fuck out in this episode:

1. The fact that she’s smiling like some sort of lunatic pyshco murderer after she kisses Sav:

2. Her “seducing” Sav whilst performing that really epically cheesy song about white horses and knights? Shut the fuck up, pls:

“How do I last longer” – Wesley

The age old question, Wes

I love the things the Degrassi kids have googled over time. “I think I might be gay” “I think I might have an STI” etc etc. But I think this google session might have just topped the cake. You can’t help but root for a guy like Wesley to get the girl. And in my opinion, it’s not that far fetched of an idea. Sure, Sav might be “Mr. Popular” now but he really wasn’t when him and Anya first started dating. In fact, they were both huge fucking dorks that got together over sticker books. And Anya’s LARPing? She’s a geek on the inside through and through. I hope she gets past feeling sorry for Wesley and likes him for who he is because Wesley is an amazing character. He’s the underdog that you want to win at the end of the day.

Best part of this episode?


Why yes, I love partying in old church ruins as opposed to Butter!

again, if Fiona was anything like Gossip Girl characters

I love how Adam tries so hard in this episode to impress Fiona. Personally, I don’t really think he has to go through all this trouble considering I think Fiona actually genuinely likes him already. They set this up nicely for next episode but in the promos it looks like they’re wearing their uniforms? Makes me think this is yet another school sanctioned event. What happened to the lodge house parties? or the Chris Sharpe DJ-ed raves? That shit was hardcore.

On a non-plot related note, I freaked out mid-episode when I heard “If It Means a Lot to You” by A Day to Remember. Great, great song.

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