And we proudly present.. *drumroll* DEGRASSI TALKS!

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their Holiday season. I know I am! Family, food, presents, and about 2 and a half feet of snow covering the NYC area! It’s definitely been relaxing to say the least. Degrassi-land has been a bit quiet these days. Nothing really new and exciting..

until now..

Erin, owner of, along with her network of bloggers have come together to bring a side project to life, hopefully making your Degrassi-less days a little more bearable. We’ve created a podcast series called Degrassi Talks. We plan on covering a HUGE array of topics in the Degrassi-verse. Storylines, predictions, the latest news, and so on. We even hope to bring you maybe some special guests onto the show! You just never know what is going to go on in Degrassi Talks, so you better tune in and listen.

Episode 1: Degrassi in India 12/27/10

Now, we just want oneeee little thing from you guys.. FEEDBACK. This is definitely a work in progress for us “podcasters” (hehe) so let us know what you like/don’t like about it. Feel free to pop me an email at timeless_dreamer @ or tweet me @DegrassiDish

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