New Characters

Hey there Degrassians. Long time no blog. I know. But there’s that thing called life. And a normal twenty-something year olds life can get a tad bit crazy. I am a city gal, afterall.

Figured I’d bring back a shorter type of blogging. Just probably things that spark my interest (expect a lengthy Kenna hate blog soon) and things that pop into my head that I think can make something worth writing down.

Since we are pretty much waist high in new episodes in Season 11, I figured I would bring the up the topic of NEW CHARACTERS. Yes, ladies and gents. New characters, particularly new DEGRASSI characters go through immense scrutiny. And by immense, I mean if we don’t like you, we’re going to rip your shit character to shreds and set that shit on fire. It’s become worse tenfold with the invention of that twitter thing. Because you know, now we can @ mention the fake twitter accounts all the love/hate we’d like without feeling bad.

Let’s take a look at the newbies:


Bio: Editor of the Degrassi Daily (newspaper) and the the new betch in town?

First couple of eps, I LOVED HER. It sounded like she was on the road to being betch!Paige/betch!Holly J but the thing that separates Katie from the betches is that at least Paige and Holly J were CONSISTENT betches. Katie right now, just seems like a straight up BITCH because we kinda sorta see a nice side to her when she can be straight up mean too. TRUE betches, like Paige and Holly J owned that shit and didn’t even bother with niceness (at first). There needs to be a new BETCH in town and if Katie wants to fill that void, she better be consistent with it.

Also, why is EVERYONE in love with her? First Adam now Drew? It’s only been like.. what 2 weeks? And I’m already somewhat over it.


Bio: Don’t know that much except he is musically inclined and funny.

This guy. THIS GUY. Now this guy has huge potential here. I love the fact that we’re using a “fat character” we haven’t really seen that since Terri and since Spinner lost all his baby fat. He has only appeared in last weeks episodes but you can tell they’re going to try and make him a likeable, funny guy. Which I get and totally dig. I can already see the serious plotlines coming his way but truthfully, let’s bring those back instead of the “who-is-seemingly-going-to-die-in-this-teennick-promo-when-in-fact-it-will-be-no-one-again”.


or maybe…


Bio: Crazy, lunatic, psychotic, DID I MENTION CRAZY?!

Ok now I know people in the Degrassi twitterverse have their moments. This one is mine. Imogen is ACTUALLY the craziest motherfucker that has ever jumped on this crazy train we call Degrassi. I’m talking Luna Lovegood crazy. She’s creepy, tries to be Clare to get with Eli, and just outright WEIRD. She is the kind of people that sit ALONE at the lunch table and NO ONE feels bad as to why because she’ll probably go all Swimfan on your ass and KILL YOU.

Main reason and to why she is now Public Enemy #1 (EVEN out throwning Jenna! CONGRATS ON BEING #2 JENNA!) is because she is a huge threat to Eclare. And while Eclare is on hiatus and I’m TEMPORARILY humoring Cake, anyone who ships Eclare and saw last week’s episodes know that it’s not over. Imogen, I believe will pull some crazy cards out and therefore, I am NOT a fan of.


Bio (I’ll put his twitter bio, since it’s an absolute #win): I like being outdoors. I like creating and building things.

Love the fact that he was eating his ENTIRE debut episode. I don’t exactly get the “lumberjack” thing. Maybe there’s more “lumberjacks” normally in Canada but here, no one would really take pride in being a “lumberjack” and all the plaid. Especially not the plaid. But despite his odd hobby’s, Jake is actually a pretty likeable character. He’s daring, uses his heart rather than his head and I think (FOR NOW) is good for Clare. FOR NOW. Justin Kelly is a pretty damn good actor too so I can see writers running with the kid with some good plots. Can we just get rid of the “lumberjack” image though? We’re not really buying it. Justin Kelly does NOT look like a guy who finagles with wood all day. Hehhhhhhhhhhhh…. I know, I’m 5.

Short blogs, for a short amount of time I get online. I like it. Let’s see how this goes.

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