Now or Never Finale.. Neither Now and Especially Never

So here’s a huge qualm of mine these days.. why is it that at the end of each “season” (which really isn’t, Now or Never is just a.. trimester? of Season 11) TeenNick and Much Music, mainly TeenNick, have to hype up some RIDICULOUS ending that NEVER HAPPENS?

Ratings, I get it. I fucking WORK in media buying.

And while yeah, it’s exciting to over-analyze every damn promo that both networks spit out at us, I have to FINALLY admit that it just screams sellout.

I guess that’s how it’s done to get ratings back on the top.

So no one gets shot.. not that I’m looking for someone to get killed off on the show, but it would make for some interesting turn of events. Instead Adam just get’s a flesh wound that he can impress all the transgender-friendly-females. Sad that it had to be him as a casualty of all of this.

Drew and Bianca, will I say it GASP, are actually growing on my. KuDOS to Luke and Alicia for a really nice performance in the alleyway before. It was one of those, holy shit I actually feel bad for the school whores type of moment that generated a smidge of sympathy.

Drew and Katie – No. Just no.

What I LOVED and thought writers actually did RIGHT was send off the seniors with some actual closure. Even Declan got some closure when he sent HJ flowers to her hospital bed. Ziley looks like they will eventually get their happy ending. Riley’s mom is finally accepting of her son. Anya got some closure with Owen. And Chantay FINALLY GRADUATES!

Looks like the Degrassi 6 year program actually WORKS!

No new Degrassi until next year. It looks like because Epitome is in full swing filming Highland Gardens with the incredible Cassie Steele. We have high hopes for this show but, really, I’m not putting too much investment in it. While it’s not a spin off, it will be in our eyes, and we all know how most spin offs end up.

We do, however, have this Halloween hour long ep that looks scary as shit. Let’s hope it’s better than those cheese webisodes from a few years back.

Until next time.


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