He’ll always be Aubrey to me.

Who ever knew this..

Would eventually become this..

I know I didn’t. For someone who was relatively unknown less than a year ago and is now performing in the Grammys, we all know that just means the start of something big. What truly impresses me the most is that throughout this HUGE change in this boys life, he seems to be staying very true to himself. He’s not wearing some leather mask like Will.I.Am or has some “trademark” look. He’s not rapping about dumb shit that doesn’t relate to him. He’s being himself and rapping like he did back in Degrassi. I always knew if he ever made it big, that he’d be a class act. No wins for Drake’s 2 nominations but hey, 2 noms is not bad considering he doesn’t even have an album out yet.

At least all us old school DTNG fans can say we knew him when.

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