Let’s play a love game

Before we get down to business I just wanted to say yay! for all the lovely response I’ve been getting so far on the blog. Not too shabby for being up a week. Feel free to request to write about ANYTHING Degrassi related. Seriously! I’m loving this blogging thing so PLEASE if you want me to write about a particular Degrassi storyline, ep, etc. Let me know! Someone had already requested me to write about a mini on the ctv.ca site but unfortunately, me being all American, I can’t view those videos. But I’ll do my hardest to try to write about whatever your pretty little faces can come up with :) Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter if you have one!

So for all the Americans out there, tonight was finally the premiere of Love Games. And can I just say THANK GOD because if I saw that fucking promo on The-N one more time, I might have killed myself by now. I mean, yes, it’s a new ep, but it’s not like it was the beginning of a season. And the promo basically gave away the entire storyline anyway. I’ll save this ‘America/Canada delay of episodes’ rant for another day.

SPOILERS ahead, kiddos.

All I can say is that I am ALL FOR Declan/Holly J, or Delly J or Hollclan, or whatever mashup of names someone on a Degrassi forum has come up with. A classic Degrassi “lets pull this relationship out of nowhere” act but, you know, it kind of works in this case. You can’t fake Landon and Charlotte’s chemistry and that’s basically all you need. I was kind of taken aback by the lack of jealousy from Jane. I’m pretty sure the writers will touch up on that when the time is right.

Nice boxers, Declan

And, ok I’m not going to lie, but Landon Liboiron is pretty sexy. That may or may not sound kinda pervy considering I am slightly older than him but I just refuse to accept that this boy is only 18. I mean, come on, does anyone think Taylor Lautner is REALLY 17?

Ok really? What the fuck are they putting in these boys waters???

B plots were pretty boring, but that’s why they’re B plots. Is anyone else not really getting any vibe from Danny anymore? Ever since he hit puberty and lost all of his quirky little brother antics, his plots have just gotten kinda boring. Couldn’t they have set him up with someone other than that girl who I swear has been on the show for years and still has YET to graduate? You didn’t think we’d catch on, did you, writers???

B plot #2 just pissed me off at the fact that KC did nothing as the ever “menacing” basketball team decided to gang up on poor Connor. Isn’t he supposed to be one of the good guys? I can’t wait for the day when they give Connor a Manny-esque storyline and starts dressing like a whore. And please writers, stop making all the “bad boy” types with trailer trash hair! PLEASE!

As for Hollclan, I can already smell all the Declan/Holly J/Spinner triangle. I do like Hollclan but ever since they’ve somewhat touched upon Holly J/Spinner, I still can see THAT happening too. Kinda torn between the two to be honest.

Liked Love Games? Hated it? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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