Why hello thar, Degrassi fans!

So Degrassi fans, here I am, ready and roaring to go. When the very fabulous Erin posted application for Degrassi bloggers I nearly fell over in my chair. Unless you were a regular at a forum or REALLY dedicated on making your twitter Degrassi-centric, there really was never an outlet for me to get what I wanted to say out there. I nearly fell again when I realized that, oh snap, applications were due a week ago. To make a long story short, I basically poured my little Degrassi lovin’ soul to Erin and here I am. To Erin, thank you for giving me my little spot on the interwebs. Hopefully I can be as entertaining as I think I am.

So just to introduce myself, I’m Bianca, your typical twenty-something recent college grad who just started a full time job in advertising a mere three weeks ago. I hail from the greater New York City area where I was born and raised.

Lets hear it for Newwwwwwwww Yorrkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Lets hear it for Newwwwwwwww Yorrkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I’ve been a Degrassi fan since 2003 when one July 4th weekend, Noggin (pre The-N), decided to show one of their Every Degrassi Marathons back when the marathons only lasted a weekend instead of a full week straight now. I remember flipping channels and seeing the girl from ‘In a Heartbeat’ a poorly rated show that only did like 20 or so episodes.

Oh hai, Shawn Ashmore <3

Lo and behold the girl turned out to be Lauren Collins and when Shawn Ashmore never showed up on the show I realized I was watching a tiny show called Degrassi.

Who knew 7 years later, I’d be blogging about it.

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