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Stephen Stohn releases podcast, audiobook version of Memoir

It was a big day for Stephen Stohn as the audiobook and companion podcast to his memoir Whatever It Takes was finally released.

The audiobook is narrated by Stephen himself along with his co-author Christopher Ward. It is available on all the usual audiobook platforms (e.g. Audible, etc). If you haven’t gotten around to buying a physical copy of the book, this is a great alternative.

The podcast also features the voices of Stephen and Christopher. It includes excerpts from Whatever It Takes as well as additional commentary. The first episode focuses on the chapter in Whatever It Takes about the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode “Time Stands Still.” Even though I read this chapter back when Whatever It Takes was first released, I really enjoyed listening to Stephen and Christopher recap how the “Time Stands Still” episode came to be. There isn’t a ton of new information, but it’s still definitely a worthwhile listen.