Vote in the Much Music Pepsi Refresh Challenge!

Voting is now underway in the Much Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Much Music and Pepsi have chosen 3 finalists in each category (Education, Sports, and Music), and your votes will determine the winners! Head on over to to vote!! Voting is open until August 29th.

I encourage everyone to check out all 9 finalists, and choose a story that is close to your heart. But I recently received an email from one of the education finalists – Brittany – that I wanted to share with all of you. Brittany is looking for $5000 to provide basic products to young people staying at Youth Without a Shelter with Rotaract Club members at York University. Here is what she had to say:

Youth Without Shleter is a great organization that provides a safe place for homeless youth to stay, while they go back to school. I am a member of the Rotaract Club at York University, and we made lunches for the shelter on one day. Our club is limited in funding, but with $5000 I would get them the following:
1) lunches once a week
2) moving out packages (bed linens, blanket, pillow, dishes, pots, pans, towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, laundry basket, and laundry detergent)
3) hygiene products
4) tokens for the subway
5) school supplies

Basically, I would like to help provide the basic needs the shelter uses everyday, so that the youth can concentrate on their school work and not worry about necessities.
YWS is a great organization. If you want to find out more you can look at their website (

Thanks to Brittany for sending this in! Now everyone head on over to and vote!!

Degrassi Films Prom and Graduation Scenes

It was an emotional time on the Degrassi set this week, as several cast members filmed their last scenes. According to Twitter, prom and graduation scenes were filmed this week. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many of the graduating characters are leaving the show. Degrassi has not done any university storylines this past year, and the focus seems to be on the school itself. Still, it was sad to see the heartfelt goodbyes from the cast on Twitter. Here is some of what they had to say:

@RayAblack My warm thanks to everyone who shared in my Degrassi experience. I’m honoured to have been part of this family, sad to say goodbye.

@anniejclark Incredible day on set with @_samanthamunro, Jajube and Char. Degrassi won’t be the same without you.

@aislinnpaul Wow. Amazing day at work today. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed. Especially tears.

@ShannonKook Saying goodbye to #Degrassi corridors with @ArgirisKarras . Final walks are strange. #Graduation

@ArgirisKarras That’s a wrap! Finished my last scene with @ShannonKook. When I say last, I mean last. It’s been fun! You guys will like the bittersweet end

Preview Pictures: The Way We Get By Part 2

Preview pictures are out!! TeenNick (finally) posted images from “The Way We Get By Part 2″ this morning. As expected, the pictures primarily feature Zane/Riley and Drew/Bianca with one KC/Jenna picture thrown in for good measure. Check them out over at

Degrassi Mention on The Venture Brothers

Here is the Degrassi mention on the Cartoon Network show The Venture Brothers. So hilarious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! I’m lazy and this is the exact same graphic I used for the Thanksgiving post last year. Paige’s face says it all. In fairness, this is the only Thanksgiving episode of Degrassi – haha! I hope you all enjoy today & tomorrow. Be thankful that another new Degrassi episode is only 5 days away! Predictions!

Hey guys I just got back from the premiere – pictures and other stuff coming soon!
But first check me out in this video at from the lineup earlier today!!!

“Holiday Road” Screencaps

In case you missed them (or didn’t want to be spoiled), “Holiday Road” screencaps are in our gallery.

“Heart Like Mine” Screencaps

If you haven’t already checked them out, there are screencaps for “Heart Like Mine” already in our gallery from CTV’s premiere last year.

Spike & Snake: One of the Great Twosomes in TV History

Our favourite original Degrassi characters, Spike and Snake, have been named one of the 25 Greatest Twocomes in Small Screen History. The list also includes Simon and Paula from American Idol, Carrie and Big from Sex and the City, and Chandler and Monica from Friends. Check out the full list right here!

Merry Christmas!